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03 September 2021
8 min to read

Node Js Developers: Responsibilities, Skills, Comprehensive Tips, And More

Yevhen Piotrovskyi
CTO and Founder at Yojji | Web and Mobile Development

Demand breeds supply: we live in a digital world, so IT professionals are constantly in demand. Hiring a good Node Js programmer may be a daunting task for those who are not themselves Node Js developers or tech experts.

In this article, we’re going to make your life a lot easier. It covers aspects to help you become more familiar with the field, the responsibilities, and the skills of Node.js developers and will help you choose the best engineer for your project.

Node JS Development In A Nutshell

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment. Essentially, Node.js works with good old JavaScript, extending its functionality and executing it like a regular program. To do this, Node.js has everything needed, namely:

  • V8 JavaScript engine, which reads JavaScript and converts it into machine code that can be read by a computer without the help of an interpreter;

  • event-driven, non-blocking I/O model;

  • package system Node.js and npm – the largest ecosystem of open source libraries of any programming language.

Life for the average backend developer was actually a little more difficult, as JavaScript applications could only be run in a browser. With the advent of Node.js, it became possible to write JavaScript not only in the browser, but also on the server. Thanks to the JavaScript that underlies it, Node.js quickly became the most popular backend language, and developers began to build scalable applications much faster and easier. Large companies like Netflix, Trello, and LinkedIn use Node.js to develop their products.

What Are The Benefits Of Node.Js?

Node.js is loved primarily for its versatility and high performance. In addition, among the most well-known benefits are the following:

  • Efficiency is one of the main advantages of Node.js. Multiple tasks can be performed concurrently thanks to the non-blocking I/O model. Less significant tasks run in parallel, which allows the main thread to run smoothly. Thanks to the Google V8 JavaScript engine, JavaScript code is broken down into lower-level machine code without an interpreter.

  • Scalability. Node.js helps you develop scalable applications because it can handle multiple requests at the same time, thanks to native tools such as clusters, child_process, and worker_threads. The CPU load is not too large even with a significant increase in requests.

  • Development speed. Node.js can reduce development time by allowing you to create reusable components. In addition, there is a large community where you can borrow templates created by other developers. About 800,000 reusable components are available through NPM, the package manager in the Node.js ecosystem.

Key Responsibilities And Skills Of A Node JS Engineer

Node JS developer is a sought-after specialist whose main task is to write server-side code. Such a programmer must meet a number of requirements. Despite the fact that Node.js is constantly changing, the requirements for developers remain – in general terms – the same. But they vary depending on the level of the programmer.

Junior Node JS developer

  • basic knowledge of JS

  • commercial development experience or a complete pet project

Middle Node JS developer

  • Knowledge of the platform specifics;

  • Ability to apply static and dynamic typing;

  • Application of design patterns;

  • Skills for working with the Framework;

  • Understanding the principles of software design, unit and integration testing.

Senior Node JS developer

  • Understanding of cloud infrastructure;

  • Experience in the development of several projects;

  • The ability to easily solve abstractly formulated problems and find non-standard solutions;

  • Work experience with highload;

  • The ability to solve performance problems;

  • The ability to help developers below level;

  • Understanding of software development techniques, algorithms and data structures, architectural approaches;

  • Understanding the interaction of microservices and more.

Team Lead

  • The ability to organize the development process, create a working atmosphere, and distribute the workload in the team;

  • Architecture design skills;

  • Knowledge of development methodology;

  • Understanding how the product is assembled and its parts interact, understanding DevOps

  • Understanding trends and being able to critically assess

There are skills that increase the cost of developers in the labor market:

  • RabbitMQ, Kafka.
  • Elastic Search.
  • Docker, Kubernetes.

Also, any highly qualified Node js developer should be fluent in English to translate technical documentation. Advanced knowledge of English is a huge plus in a specialist resume.

How Much Does A Node JS Developer Cost?

One of the most important aspects of hiring a developer is the cost of their services. A large part of the budget is spent on this. The price may include the work of different team members and will depend on the time spent on the project. Also, the cost of developer services can vary significantly depending on the location and experience of the specialist. It is important to pay attention to the experience of the engineer, check the projects in their portfolio, and find out whether they specialize in the areas required for your business. If you want to estimate the cost of your project, you can sign up for a free consultation in our company and we will tell you an approximate price.

Where To Find Node JS Developers For Hire?

There are three typical options for hiring a specialist for your project – let’s dwell a bit on them.

In-house team

If you are launching a large, complex project that requires constant updating and support, you should consider hiring engineers to work directly in your company. You will not receive any outside help; all developers work for you and perform the tasks assigned using resources within your office. You choose the development team yourself to carry out a specific set of tasks.

The undeniable benefits of in-house development include a high level of control, significant involvement, and direct communication with team members. Although a full-time team is cheaper in the long run, hiring it in the early stages can be very expensive, because you need to pay for recruiting, premises, vacations, etc. In addition, if you don't have a large project in development, you’ll have to pay for downtime.

Outscoring development

With the outsourcing model of hiring Node JS developers, you delegate a specific project or task to specialists outside of your company. In fact, you find the development team from another organization to do the work for you. This type of cooperation helps to save time and money.

Outsourcing costs are more reasonable than in-house development. Moreover, outsourcing teams usually include highly qualified specialists with extensive experience so you can be sure to find a Node JS expert. If you urgently need to expand the development outsourcing team or reduce the staff, you will not lose money.

However, there is no perfect solution to anything. The outsourcing model carries certain risks, namely potentially unreliable communication, management issues, etc.

Freelance programmers

If you are starting a small project and plan to complete it in a short time, consider hiring a freelance Node js specialist – a self-employed developer who provides services on a per-project basis.

It is the most cost-effective option since you don’t need to cover company employee costs, pay for inactivity, etc. As is the case with the outsourcing development, you’ll get access to a wide talent pool and can easily find a skilled Node JS developer.

However, this model of cooperation is the least reliable. As a rule, the parties do not sign any agreements, therefore, they have no guarantee that the project will be launched on time or completed at all.

Reasons To Hire Node JS Developer In Ukraine

If you’re still in doubt about whether it is better to hire local Node JS developers or outsource your product to overseas specialists, you should consider all the costs you incur. If you live in the United States, the cost of the services of a domestic programmer will be much higher than that of an overseas engineer.

Eastern European agencies are becoming more and more attractive to many businesses in terms of offshore app development. With over 150,000 skilled developers, Ukraine offers a fast growing information technology market and is an excellent offshore location among Western countries. Ukraine also provides a low-cost production platform and the prices for software development services there are extremely profitable for the customer. Moreover, this country is located in the most convenient time zone for many states. All this makes Ukraine a profitable and reliable partner in the app development market.

If you need a professional Node JS developer or a devoted team, you can get in touch with Yojji team right now and share your product ideas. We’ll do the rest.

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