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28, July, 2022
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Top 5 Web Development Companies in Chicago

Yevhen Piotrovskyi
Yevhen Piotrovskyi
CTO and Founder at Yojji | Web and Mobile Development

According to statistics, the majority of web developers are located in NY, New York, and IL, Chicago. Chicago is home to 516 reputable and skillful companies that can transform any business by offering cutting-edge web solutions.

In this plethora of companies, we’ve pointed out the first-class web development companies that flawlessly complete a project of any complexity in any niche. Keep reading!

Yojji Experience

Yojji Experience

If you want to find a reliable company that works within the agreed budget and deadlines, then Yojji is an excellent choice. With a high level of expertise and extensive experience, the company offers various services: web and mobile development, UI/UX, quality assurance, and cloud services. Besides, Yojji offers various collaboration models for the customer’s convenience.

Here is the portfolio of successful projects Yojji has completed in four years.

Top 5 Web Development Companies in Chicago

1. LaunchPad Lab

LaunchPad Lab

The team of 17 skillful experts transforms small, mid-market, and large businesses by bringing a high level of collaboration, attentiveness, and investigation to every project. All products are mainly developed for clients that provide medical, financial, and business services.


  • Web design and development

    By using cutting-edge technologies, software engineers deliver an interactive user experience in combination with responsive design that remains consistent across various devices.

  • Mobile app development

    Mobile apps are developed for the most popular platforms that iOS and Android devices support. Each application taps into a device’s native toolsets to give maximum flexibility, and functionality, and ensure the highest level of security.

  • UI/UX design

    A professional staff delivers a perfect blend of amazing user experience and interface design that contributes to user retention and engagement.

  • Technology consulting

    The company leverages the best technologies to provide great reliability, development, and maintainability for your business.

Technology skills

  • Ruby on Rails

  • React.js

  • Angular.js

  • IoT

  • Ionic

Main advantages

  • The company guarantees HIPAA compliance in every healthcare project they bring to life.

  • LaunchPad Lab always hits budget and timeline targets.

  • This innovation partner is very responsible, dedicated, receptive to feedback, and always keen on presenting effective ideas.

  • All team members have great soft skills and strong project management skills.

  • A high level of organization is one of the assets of LaundPad Lab.

2. Five Jars

Five Jars

Five Jars is a development company with strong technical skills and a client-oriented mindset. The company develops intuitive and data-driven web solutions for mid-sized and large enterprises in the media and education industries.


  • Strategy

    The long-term success of any business is ensured by optimizing the product and analyzing key data.

  • Design

    Skillful engineers create an intuitive and interactive design.

  • Development

    By leveraging the latest technologies, the team delivers cost-effective and scalable digital solutions.

  • Integrations

    Five Jars integrates third-party services to streamline the customer’s experience.

  • Support

    A professional team conducts security audits, updates the solution, and optimizes it.

Technology skills

  • PHP

  • Vue.js

  • JavaScript

  • Angular

  • Ember

  • Node.js

  • React

  • Salesforce

  • Ruby

  • AWS

Main advantages

  • The development process is transparent.

  • The company demonstrates a flexible attitude, a proactive approach, and dedication to customers’ success.

  • This talented team works great in dynamic work environments.

  • Insightful experts provide creative solutions to complex tasks.

  • The management process is solid.

  • Five Jars delivers high-quality products on time.

  • According to customer reviews, the service provider generated improved SEO and customer satisfaction. Besides, the products developed by the company provided significant customer reductions.

3. Promet Source

Promet Source

Promet Source is an esteemed partner that delivers cohesive solutions in various niches: enterprise, healthcare, nonprofit, education, and government. All experts are driven by an empathetic and inclusive approach, they show enthusiasm for the development of every project.


  • Digital strategy

    Promet Source elaborates an effective strategy to drive transformative possibilities.

  • Design

    Keeping the needs and expectations of end-users in mind, designers create fresh web experiences.

  • Development

    Strong technical skills in combination with collective energy allow the team to deliver cutting-edge solutions in various niches.

  • Support

    A support team provides various services: security updates, marketing support, and hosting a consultation to help businesses keep ahead of the curve.

  • Training

    Experienced trainers have a combination of knowledge of the most effective techniques and extensive experience. They offer training that helps the client’s team achieve critical skills.

Technology skills

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • jQuery

  • JavaScrip

Main advantages

  • A collaborative team is skilled, knowledgeable, supportive, responsive, and highly organized.

  • The communication process is transparent.

  • The management approach is effective.

  • Creative specialists engage on a deep level of inquiry with customers and always act as supportive partners.

  • Promet Source always completes the deliverables on time.

  • Their attention to detail surpasses the customer’s expectations.

4. Liventus


The company specializes in developing new digital experiences for clients in e-commerce, IT automation, and business sectors. The main goal of Liventus is to maximize the potential of the client through the use of the latest technologies and an efficient development approach.


  • Custom software development

    Professional software engineers develop generic, off-the-shelf solutions that drive any business to success.

  • CRM system optimization

    Liventus experts optimize the customer’s CRM system, improving customer loyalty, enhancing customer retention, and increasing profit.

  • Food Industry software development solutions

    By leveraging the latest technologies that integrate your strategy and metrics with tools to make your business more efficient, responsive, and competitive.

  • Fintech software development

    Liventus delivers reliable and secure solutions in the incentive and loyalty industry.

Technology skills

  • .NET Core

  • Magento

  • PHP

  • 5HTML

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • SQL

  • Microsoft Azure

  • AWS

Main advantages

  • Extensive experience in data and applications.

  • The team has a suite of highly technical security tools.

  • All products are delivered in a professional and timely manner.

  • The company always stays under budget.

  • The level of communication and support is superior.

  • Regardless of the client’s industry, the team always demonstrates a profound understanding of the customer’s technologies.

5. Highland


Highland offers an impactful partnership to clients in the business, manufacturing, and medical industries. The company is known for delivering human-centered, strategy-informed transformative experiences that fuel business growth.


  • Product strategy

    A talented staff conducts in-depth research to create the most effective product strategy that will lead the company to success.

  • Design

    By utilizing the latest technologies and demonstrating a deep understanding of end-users' needs, UI/UX designers create compelling and interactive designs.

  • Product development

    Highland does its best to bring the boldest ideas to life most reliably and securely.

Technology skills

  • PHP

  • JavaScript

  • Laravel

  • Tailwind

  • Vue

  • React & React Native

  • AWS

Main advantages

  • The team always meets the timelines and stays on a budget.

  • Highland offers great professionalism and analytical support.

  • Regardless of the product niche, all the deliverables are valuable, they streamline existing processes and save costs.

  • Project management skills are superior.

  • The team is flexible and responsible; the communication process is transparent.

Bottom Line

Therefore, all analyzed companies are worth your attention because they offer a wide range of services, have a high level of expertise, and perform work as agreed. Yojji also offers all these benefits. On top of that, the company provides services at a competitive cost. You can contact Yojji for more information.

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