How Do Your Company Win from Ember.js Consulting?

Yojji unites professionals who have a blend of exceptional knowledge and valuable experience. We deliver services for the improvement of application performance by enhancing app maintainability and code quality, and integrate our experts into your team to achieve high efficiency and suit the interests of customers.

As a result of cooperation with Yojji, you increase your revenue, get an improved product as expeditiously and effectively as possible, and stay on the bleeding edge of Ember updates.

The product is developed and scaled faster

Yojji team takes over the process of improving existing systems or provides guidance to build success from the start. Our proven professionals audit the project (conduct front-end performance assessment and architecture evaluation), define an area for improvement, and come up with a detailed report and actionable strategy that enhances your project. Eventually, you level up your business and avoid costly mistakes.

The employees are more engaged and potent

Your company can benefit from field-driven consultations that will set your devs on the Ember.js track. Our proficient specialists plug in and offer assistance that leads your project to success. A thriving business and a potent team are the outcomes of the Yojji’s consulting process.

The work overload issue is resolved

Are your developers overwhelmed with work? Is there a lack of experts who can multitask effectively? Here is where the Yojji experts come into play. Our specialists with all the necessary expertise, soft and hard skills will preserve your department’s efficiency by taking on some of the tasks. With Yojii extra support, you will easily reach all ambitious project milestones.

Our Ember.js Consulting Process

The main goal of our team is to quickly identify all problems and solve them effectively in order to provide the client with first-class results within the agreed time frame.

We always work in accordance with the vision and needs of our customers, regardless of their scale. The consulting process encompasses several stages.


Analysis and Research

Professional experts analyze the product and its effectiveness. They analyze the architecture, perform a code audit, and evaluate development processes.


Strategy Elaboration

Using effective approaches, Yojji consultants make up a detailed strategy that covers all areas that need enhancement.


Strategy Implementation

In close cooperation with the client’s employees, we implement the approved strategy step by step. Each stage is coordinated with the customer and only after full approval, we proceed to the implementation of the next steps. If additional questions arise, they are discussed with the customer.


Further Improvements

After all the improvements have been made, further vectors of work are determined, and instructions for their implementation are created.

Take Advantage of Ember.js Consulting
Services Provided by Yojji

Yojji has extensive experience in working with both startups and large corporate clients. We offer a wide range of consulting services that will improve your business and level up your employee’s skillset.

Yojji is the best partner to entrust your business to because we use a thoughtful approach and put 200% effort into everything that we do. Learn why we are unique.

  • Service 1 A wide range of consulting services;
  • Service 2 Best price-quality ratio;
  • Service 3 Impeccable Ember.js knowledge;
  • Service 4 Extensive experience in applying the best coding practices;
  • Service 5 Convenient cooperation models.

Frequently asked questions

In case the information above isn’t enough, make sure you have checked out this FAQ section.

Why use Ember.js?

Ember.js ensures your application is unbeatable as this framework offers high stability, strong conventions, and ease of updating.

What approach does Yojji use to provide the most efficient web application solutions?

We use the most effective practices and different Agile approaches to offer top-notch app solutions.

How much do Ember.js consulting services cost?

The cost of services is based on many factors, such as the duration of cooperation, the amount of work performed, and therefore it is calculated individually. For details, please contact us.

Does Yojji have specialists in other technologies?

Yes, we have top-level React, React Native, and Flutter specialists.

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