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Yevhen Piotrovskyi

CTO and Founder at Yojji | Web and Mobile Development

Yevhen Piotrovskyi is an experienced full-stack JavaScript developer who is also the co-founder and CTO at Yojji, the full-cycle software development company providing high-quality IT outsourcing services. Driven by a desire to help people learn more about information technologies, Yevhen takes pride in writing thought-provoking tech articles and blog posts that are easy-to-understand and interesting for everyone from tech-savvy people to those who know little about the industry. As a software developer and businessman, his main goals include learning new things, enhancing his skills, and providing valuable services to clients that need cutting-edge software products.

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NL, Amsterdam

Ildar Kulmuhametov
Ildar Kulmuhametov
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Yevhen Piotrovskyi
Yevhen Piotrovskyi
CTO, Co-Founder