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Investment application

Apr 2020 - Oct 2020
About the project

A feature-rich financial mobile application offers a wide array of investment opportunities for parents who want to provide capital for the future of their children. The app serves as an innovative fintech platform that is packed with advanced banking functionality.

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Our Partnership

In the era of digitalization, the demand for high-quality fintech software development services is growing rapidly. To win their place in the industry, financial companies have to adopt new technologies. Being a well-known Australian company that offers a wide range of banking services, our client requested us to build a feature-rich financial mobile application from scratch.

The idea was to create an innovative platform providing investment opportunities for parents who want to invest in the future of their children. Within the app, a parent creates an account for each child and makes payments on a regular basis. This money is invested in various companies, and the profit is then accrued on the child's account.

Our Approach

To achieve the goal, our team decided to opt for the Scrum methodology and the Time-and-Material cooperation model. These approaches are a perfect fit for developing various user-oriented software solutions. When working on the project, we kept in mind both the users’ needs and the client’s requirements. In order to deliver the best results, we needed to keep in touch with the client. Our Project Manager was responsible for the communication channel.

Thanks to such an approach, we could allocate the tasks among developers and designers efficiently and make revisions to the project quickly. With the final objective in mind, we conducted weekly sprints with the interim releases and testings of the app every Friday. All of the approaches described here helped us reach top-notch results and develop an advanced user-friendly financial app in the shortest possible time.

Challenges and solutions

During a three-week period, we needed to build an MVP that would already be equipped with the functionality for making investments and sending data to servers.

Since we have a lot of specialists in our company, we managed to quickly form a team and start working on the project. The competency of our PM towards delegating tasks and checking work progress allowed us to fit into a very tight time frame and create a perfectly working MVP.

During the development process, the client decided to make a partial redesign of some application elements, which was also quite challenging.

The team undertook the task of redesigning the app. During that process, some application layout elements were partially built following the old design and partially changed. If any unused code components appeared, they would be removed. The new design led to changes related to the application logic. The programmers redid the logic where it was needed. All in all, the redesign process went smoothly with no influence on the development speed time.

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