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Cooperation period

March 2020 - Now

Services used

Web development

Mobile development


The Purpose of the Project

Initially, the client-company approached us with a request to develop an open-banking service - a payment widget and an administration system for merchants. We have created an Osu payment widget and added a payment button to the website page. Besides, Besides, Yojji designers and front-end devs have developed an admin system where merchants can track all payments, manage users and roles, manage clients, and customize the widget using visual themes or choose their brand colors.

Owing to the high level of professionalism, we have managed to launch this MVP in a short time, and the client decided to continue our cooperation. Our team has been invited to work on the front-end development of a mobile application for individual entrepreneurs and service providers. In two months, we have created a functional MVP app that enabled users to create payment requests and track paid requests.

As the project grows and develops to this day, we are constantly working on improving it and adding new features.

Results Summary

In two months, Yojii developers have launched an MVP that offers the creation and monitoring of payment requests. Our designers and developers have incorporated many features into the project: a payment widget, an administration web app, a mobile app, a billing portal, landing pages and websites, as well as design marketing materials.

Consequently, the client-company has expanded its user base in the UK and attracted new customers who purchased annual app subscriptions.

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Our Approach

Our work is based on two main pillars: Agile principles and an iterative approach. Therefore, we effectively carry out the assigned tasks and can adapt the project to new requirements at any stage of development. One of our core principles is a constant focus on technical excellence and architecture quality. We strive to deliver a fully functional product every few weeks, so we use a sprint system. In close cooperation with the back-end developers of the client-company, we have conducted a series of cycles. Each cycle was dedicated to the development of new features that improved the initial project. Thus, we have created a well-functioning product two months after the beginning of the development.

One of our top priorities is good communication between employees, as it contributes to achieving the most effective results. Thereby, we hold daily meetings to set goals and discuss objectives. During the release phase, our team conducts additional meetings to ensure that the final product fully meets the customer’s requirements.

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Challenges and Solutions

We had to meet strict deadlines

Yojji has extensive experience working with startups, so we have developed individual approaches that allow us to provide effective solutions in a short time. Thanks to the flexible development methodology and excellent time management skills, we have managed to create an MVP in two months, and over the next few months, we have significantly expanded the functionality of the application.


We had to add new features during the development process

During the development process, the client-company asked us to add several additional features. Thanks to a professional approach, Yojji promptly made all the necessary changes.


Features that we have implemented:

  • Alternate Text Mobile app Create and Send/Resend payment request to the client, track payments, payment reminders, invoicing, referral plan, CRM + import clients from phone contacts, scan to pay, face ID and Fingerprint authorization, manage notifications, contact support with Intercom, emails for all features, limits according to plan, walkthroughs + Login and Registration
  • Alternate Text Administration web app Manage clients, manage payment requests, manage payments, manage users and roles, referral plan, widget branding customization, emails for all features, login and Registration, two-factor authentication
  • Alternate Text Payment widget Pay with Osu button, widget 1st step – Payment Summary, widget 1st step – Select Bank, processing payment
  • Alternate Text Billing portal: Pricing, billing history, login
  • Alternate Text Marketing Landing pages and websites, design marketing materials
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Thus, we have created a payment widget for the website, a web application for the administrator, a multifunctional mobile application, and a billing portal. All implemented functions helped the client-company to expand the client base and increase revenue. The development process is still ongoing, and the following features: smart booking, services marketplace, and the full page checkout (an alternative for the widget) are on the to-do list.

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