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Jan 2020 - Apr 2020
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About the project

The client-company is an exclusive network for high-net-worth individuals. With hundreds of active users, this network is a win-win option for high-level managers, successful entrepreneurs, and investors. The company aims at establishing and maintaining business contacts, exchanging experiences, and sharing valuable insights. Meetings are held regularly to discuss both business and family issues. The insights gained from regular monthly meetings are invaluable to everyone involved.

Models of cooperation
Custom product development
You take full control of the execution of their tasks. Our software development company takes care of their retention and growth.
The Team
Software developers
DevOps Engineer
QA Engineer
Project manager
Yojji team worked on
As part of cooperation with the client, our company has provided the following services
Web development
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Mobile development
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Technologies and tools we used
We have used different technologies to fulfill the customer's assignment, namely:
The Purpose of the Project

A peer-to-peer learning community has over 800 members (visionary peers, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from a variety of industries) is designed to help all participants expand their business network, solve problems related to investments, find ways to increase and preserve personal capital, solve personal problems, as well as provide valuable, applicable advice regarding the implementation of charitable projects.

This company reached out to our team with a request to create a handy online service that would facilitate interactions between community members and assist in getting acquainted, finding important business partners, and schedule meetings.

Owing to the clearly defined final result required by the customer, Yojji's efficient algorithms, working methods and techniques, the project was implemented within 4 months after the customer’s request. Initially, the project implementation plan was designed for 6 months, but the successful cooperation of the client and the contractor made it possible to shorten the project readiness time.

Our Approach

Our main approach is stable, clear, transparent communication with the client.
Our development team communicated directly and collaborated with the customer's Project manager.

For the successful implementation of the project, we have used a flexible development methodology. This methodology is based on an iterative method and assumes close cooperation with the client, well-coordinated teamwork, and clear self-organization. In particular, our approach to cooperation involved the following forms of interaction:

  • The client-company analyzed the result after each iteration and provided us with feedback.
  • Communication with the customer and customer’s design team was realized with the help of a project manager, so the interaction turned out to be as productive and comfortable as possible for both parties.
  • Weekly meetings were held regularly. At the meetings, the team provided a progress report, made a list of tasks that needed to be completed, and promptly resolved controversial issues.

Overall, clearly defined goals, high professionalism, and a well-structured algorithm allowed our team to complete the project on time, 1.5 times less than was indicated at the initial stage of work on the project.

Challenges and solutions

The main challenge we faced was synchronization with the Sales Force database.

Thanks to a professional team and the use of precise algorithms, we have managed to set up automatic parsing of Sales Force data, set up data filtering, and automate the transfer of all data from one database to another.

Another challenge that we faced was constant design change requests.

Owing to excellent communication skills and a clearly defined strategy of cooperation between the client’s project manager and Yojji’s project manager, all the necessary changes were made promptly. Consequently, there were no delays in the development of the project.

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The new system has been created based on old data. The ability to assign community leaders in different regions, create events with corresponding chats, and send invitations to events in a given region has been added by Yojji.


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