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Time Track System

Track your time with Time Machine. You will do it with pleasure, thanks to a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Weekly timesheets allow you to set the time-frames and add comments quickly and easily.

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  • Front End
    • React
    • Redux
  • Back End
    • Typescript
    • Node.js
    • Postgres
    • NestJS

Our company was looking for a time tracking system with specific features. Analysis of existing solutions made us understand that there's no suitable solution for us.

Thus we got an idea to make our own product that will be perfect for such needs. Meet the Time Machine!


Make the UI\UX design more user-friendly and intuitive. Our UI decisions were based on the previous experience and understanding the needs of the people who will use this product to make the interface modular and to make it look clear and minimalistic with an emphasis on bright colors. And at the same time with the ability to perform its main functions in a few clicks.

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User Administration

Users can look over the contact information of your co-workers. But only admin can edit any other profile.

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Stats & Reports

Time Machine turns on the lights letting you create detailed reports to get a deep overview of your work progress

To help you save time and organize internal communications, Time Machine allows you to pull up the most frequent report or chart in one click and share it with your colleagues. Export your timesheets for your employees or clients to see

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