ValaPay Mobile App

With the ValaPay mobile app, it is easy for different businesses to conduct money transfers of any difficulty. By opting for this app you can minimize the total costs spent on every transaction as well as create new revenue streams.

Scope of work
Web development
UX analysis
Product Design

Vala mobile app is equipped with smart ledgers that turn data into unique algorithms. Thanks to these algorithms it is possible to determine potential business opportunities between different companies, FX trading for example.

  • React-native
  • Redux
  • Redux-saga
  • Reselect
  • Formik
  • Haul
  • Lerna
  • Fastlane
  • React-i18
  • Gitlab-ci
  • Moment
  • Detox
  • Jest
  • Lodash
  • Docker
Smart Money Transfer System
Fully customizable features
One Dashboard for All logo
One Dashboard for All

Manage everything seamlessly with the help of the all-in-one dashboard. Full transparency of all money transactions.

Partner Connection logo
Partner Connection

Integrate with your partners and provide them with unlimited access.

Pricing Engine logo
Pricing Engine

Get the best prices that go along with your rules for all stakeholders (customers, agents, and partners).

Agent Module logo
Agent Module

Take control of balances, transactions, and rates and get a better-organized system of all agents thanks to a clear view of hierarchy.

Risk Profiling logo
Risk Profiling

Be able to take all the necessary precautionary measures thanks to the customer risk profile solution.

Compliance Manager logo
Compliance Manager

Keep all information compliant and updated with the help of such features as shifts in regulations, red flags, internal policies, etc.

Customer Credit and Payment Methods
    Pay Later payment methods;Payment status and other fields per transactions;Payment modal window;Outstanding transaction report;Payments report;Manage customer credit and balance (mini wallet);
Support flexible customization

We have created a scalable application, which can be changed to the needs of the customer.

    New style;Refreshed design;Personified transaction routing;
    Suitable payment system;Different application configurations;Payment reports;
  • New style;
  • Refreshed design;
  • Personified transaction routing;
  • Suitable payment system;
  • Different application configurations;
  • Payment reports;
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