The list of React.js services we provide

We offer a full spectrum of React consulting and development services that are individually tailored to our clients' requirements. From building a React-powered application from scratch to improving the quality of your legacy React.js app, Yojji is your reliable partner. Our experts will walk you through the whole process of implementing the most fitting React solutions and turn it into an enjoyable journey.

React.js advisory services

In case you are experiencing any difficulties with implementing React.js technologies, reach out to us and get professional help. Our specialists are well-versed in everything that has to do with React and the tools required. You can hire an independent team of React.js consultants as well as request additional experts to augment your existing team. Either way, you will get quality advisory help in regard to the solution that is right for you.

React.js apps design and development

Looking for a reliable React.js agency to cooperate with for the development of your app from the ground up? By teaming up with our React.js developers, consultants, and designers, you will get an innovative and functional app developed in the short term. Bearing your company's goals and concepts in mind, we will create an efficient software solution and make the most out of React technology.

Legacy React.js apps upgrade and improvement

Does your team have no idea what to do with your legacy React.js app to improve its effectiveness and quality? Our React.js consultants are ready to roll up their sleeves and breathe new life into your legacy project by taking advantage of the latest React technologies. Contact us to learn more about the ways of upgrading existing projects. We may take over the whole redesign process as well as partner up with your development team.

How can your business benefit from React.js?

Created by Facebook, React is an open-source JavaScript library that makes a development project handy and quick to deploy. Not only is this technology highly adaptable, but it is also frequently updated and appropriately supported. Making use of what React has to offer, our developers, designers, and consultants are proficient in building high-performance apps with top-notch user interfaces. React.js is an integral element of our software development expertise as it has helped us build some of the best projects. We have singled out a few reasons why it is a good idea to choose React for your next project:

Reusable components

One of the best things about React is that the library provides a big number of existing components of code that speed up the development process. Thanks to reusable components, developers can quickly build the basic elements and then aim attention at designing unique features. Also, there's no need to rewrite the code when new features are added. This allows building an MVP more quickly thus reducing time-to-market.


Some of the world’s best-known companies have picked React.js as their tech solution. Starting with the social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram and finishing with the famous media streaming service, Netflix. These and other companies make the most of React.js and provide their users with high-speed performance of the apps. With such aces up the sleeve, React.js can boast of great credibility.


Since it is possible to share code between React.js and React Native, you will be able to save money on developing a mobile version of your project. Moreover, it will take less time, thus time-to-market is reduced. And the best thing is, with React Native your dev team will manage to build an app for Android and iOS devices simultaneously.

Great support

When choosing technology for a project, you want to be sure that it is appropriately supported. React.js belongs to this category as its community is huge and keeps growing bigger. One thing is certain, React isn't going anywhere in the future.

Our React.js consulting services help
businesses from diverse fields

Whatever the industry your company operates in, React.js is a win-win option for building a high-quality and effective software solution. We have cooperated with various clients that run their business in completely different niches. From our experience, React is one of a few technologies that can meet the software requirements of almost all business spheres. Our React developers and consultants will be happy to provide services in React js consulting and development for any of the niches below:

  • Service E-Commerce/Retail
  • Service E-Learning
  • Service Fintech (Finance)
  • Service Business Services
  • Service Health & Care
  • Service Travel & Hospitality

Frequently asked questions

The Yojji team first provides consultancy in regard to every aspect of the technologies and approaches used. With our React.js consulting services you will be able to decide on the solutions that will meet your business objectives. Below you will find the FAQ section that will provide additional information on the topic:

Will you be able to help me if I need only one React.js developer?

Yes, we will. It doesn't matter whether you need only one specialist or you want to hire the whole React.js team, you can count on us.

Is React a widely-used technology?

React belongs to the category of the most popular libraries for developing high-quality user interfaces for web applications. According to StackOverflow’s 2019 surveys, React.js ranks #1 in the most loved frameworks and libraries.

I need a single-page application. Does React.js fit the bill?

In terms of single-page app development, React.js is one of the best solutions as it uses virtual DOM, which means that the apps will perform faster and deliver better UX.

Is it possible to migrate my app to React.js?

The library is built in such a way that allows you to migrate your front-end to React effectively. Moreover, the process can be done gradually without breaking your existing application.

Are there any similar technologies to React?

Among the most popular React-like solutions we can single out Angular.js, Vue, and Ember. There are also a few more competitors that haven't received wide popularity yet.

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