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We are web development company with a personal approach to each customer

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Take a look at where we work and play. We aim at uniting our team and our customers in the world of the web development and reaching win-win solutions

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  • Front End
    • React
    • React-Native
    • Angular 2+
    • Vue.js
  • Back End
    • Node.js
    • Express.js
    • Koa2.js
    • Nest.js
  • Database
    • Mysql
    • MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
  • Amazon Web Services
    • Lambdas
    • S3
    • SQS
    • EC2
  • Deployment & CI
    • Docker
    • Jenkins
    • CircleCI
    • Kubernets
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • SQL
    • App Engine
    • Compute Engine
    • GCS
    • Cloud Functions
    • GCR
    • Cloud Run
  • Design
    • UX design methodologies
    • UI design using modern tools
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Yojji is inviting Development professionals to take part in intersting projects and become a member of our family. We suggest the best environment for self-development and competitive salary.

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