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Cooperation period

Oct 2018 - Aug 2019

Services used

Web development

Product Design

UX analysis

The Purpose of the Project

The client-company is a $1.2b fintech player whose sphere of interest encompasses the financing of commercial enterprises and organizations, including financial intermediaries.

The client approached us in January 2019 to build a payroll solution on top of their global financial and legal infrastructure. Yojji was fully engaged in front-end development, including design, and we partially completed back-end development tasks. Owing to excellent cooperation with the customer, the professional skills of the Yojji team, and well-defined development algorithms, we have created an efficient system from scratch.

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Results Summary

Yojji employees in cooperation with the client’s back-end developers have managed to create a cloud-based payroll solution with all the necessary functions needed for funds transfers. A wide range of system functions (projects-management, self-onboarding flow, time attendance system, administration management) made it possible to make the money transfer management system as transparent and efficient as possible.

As a result of the integration of this system into the business, the payroll processes have been optimized, the risks associated with payroll and taxes have been reduced, and the business has been developed.

Thus, the client-company has managed to attract over 50 counterparties who successfully use the Payroll system for mutual settlements.

Our Approach

In our development, we are guided by Agile principles, as they are flexible and give enough freedom to both the team and the client. Agile is a structured, iterative approach to project management and product development. By using this approach, we have built the required project gradually. We have started from building the base: defined the main functions in terms of development; conducted UX research and design of the entire infrastructure, taking into account all possible features. Two months after the initial development stage, our users were able to make the first payment. Four months later, we have managed to add large functions to the MVP, such as projects, departments, time tracking system, and administrative management.

We have created an effective payroll system ahead of schedule since we conducted regular sprints to solve certain problems and achieve certain results. The client-company analyzed the results of the sprints and set priorities, that is why the finished product fully met the customer's requirements. Due to the high level of interaction between team members the implementation of the necessary changes was fast.

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Challenges and Solutions

We had to meet strict deadlines.

Thanks to effective communication skills, a professional approach to completing tasks, we have created an MVP in less than two months. After that, it took us two more months to add all the necessary features for full functioning.


During the development process, we have come up with new features.

Excellent cooperation of designers, full-stack developers, and QA specialists made the process of adding new features smooth and fast.

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  • Alternate Text Time attendance Ability to enter hours, edit, approve, unapprove.
  • Alternate Text Payees Ability to add payee, payee details, create projects, add payment details, add documents.
  • Alternate Text Dashboard Ability to add a company, company details, define payment cycles, create projects, departments, add branch/branch details.
  • Alternate Text Payment cycles Ability to review and approve payees’ data to start paying them with payroll.
  • Alternate Text Users and roles Ability to add user, compare and select a role, add personal data.
  • Alternate Text Payments Ability to pull hours from TA, enter hours manually, change rates, enter bonuses, enter expenses, include/exclude payees from a payment, download invoices.

The client-company has signed a contract with a large corporation. Eventually, this cooperation allowed to bring the business to a new level and expand the business network. At the moment, over 350 payees from Brazil, Mexico, the USA, and India use the system created by Yojji to onboard, manage, and pay contractors abroad in their local currency.

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