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React Native Development Services

Yojji provides a range of React Native development services for businesses that want to take advantage of cross-platform app development. Build attractive, high-performance natively rendering mobile apps and bring the most value to your business in no time with React Native. Our team of experienced React Native developers will help you leverage the capabilities of this framework to the fullest. Reach out to your audiences through both iOS and Android at the same time.

What React Native app development services we provide

Being the most effective solution for cross-platform development, React Native helps rapidly create robust scalable apps. We provide the entire range of React Native development services to clients that seek a reliable vendor to build high-performance mobile applications with big volumes of ever-changing data. React Native reduces the loading times to a minimum thus boosting the overall performance greatly. Our team makes the most out of React Native technology and guarantees the on-time delivery of an app you will love. Here's the list of React Native application development services we offer:

Custom-Made React Native UI/UX Design

Due to the availability of third-party React Native component libraries, building user-friendly UIs is like a piece of cake. You can entrust your React Native app UI/UX design to our designers who will make it intuitive and engaging for your customers. Make the most out of RN UI components and help your app stand out.

Full-Cycle React Native App Development

Leverage the whole potential of the React Native framework by assigning the full-cycle app development to our team. We can take on the complete project implementation starting from an idea to a product release. In case you already have an in-house development team but lack particular skills, we can fill the gaps with our experts.

React Native Consulting

You can take advantage of professional advisory services by reaching out to our React Native experts and providing them with information about your project goals. Once our consulting team figures out the app objectives and opportunities, we will map out the project development strategy within the React Native environment.

Migration to React Native

In case you want to migrate an existing app to React Native, we can do that smoothly and quickly. The flexibility of the framework and the capacity to gradually transit parts of the app make RN a perfect option when the need for app migration pops up. Migrate your legacy mobile app and improve its UI and UX.

React Native QA and Testing

No matter how great an app looks at first glance, there might be bugs that have been missed. Our team understands the importance of thorough QA and testing and will make sure your app is bug-free and performs in accordance with the requirements.

MVP Development with React Native

By utilizing our React Native development services, you can turn your ideas into a fully-fledged application faster. With React Native aces up your sleeve, it is possible to create an MVP and test the waters to decide whether or not there should be other features implemented. MVP development is an excellent way to build a top-notch product.

Server-side APIs for React Native Apps

Have you already got a React Native app but no server-side? Let our back-end developers take care of it. We can establish an efficient communication between a mobile app interface and a server by creating a back-end API and a server for the application.

React Native App Support and Maintenance

When teaming up with Yojji, you keep your application secure and up-to-date since we offer full maintenance and support services. Our team will implement error recovery in an application and reduce downtime to the minimum. Whatever Android or iOS upgrades roll out, you can be sure that your app works stably.

The advantages of choosing React Native development services

Created and maintained by Facebook, React Native is known as one of the best open-source JavaScript frameworks for building close-to-native mobile applications for Android, iOS, and other platforms. In the world of cross-platform development React Native stand out among its competitors thanks to a number of clear advantages:

Rapid Time-to-Market

Thanks to the capacity of sharing a single codebase between various platforms and using features like Hot Reloading, React Native makes it possible to cut down the development times up to 30%, which in turn reduces time-to-market greatly. The development of cross-platform mobile apps has never been faster.

Cost-Saving Solution

While the cost of iOS and Android app development is quite high, building apps with React Native is much cheaper. Instead of hiring different teams for each technology you only deal with one team that simultaneously creates mobile apps with the look and feel of native ones using a cross-platform development framework. RN also helps you reduce the expenses on the licenses of the IDEs for coding.

Reusable UI Component

Along with the already existing library, developers can take advantage of a big number of Third-Party Component Libraries as well as advanced UI toolkits. This provides them with the capacity of customizing the components flexibly to go hand-in-hand with the client’s requirements. When the need for a particular module appears these components allow developers to pick one from the libraries instead of wasting time on coding.


Being relatively new to mobile app development, React Native has proven to be quite a reliable and stable framework thanks to the support provided by Facebook. The technology has a bright future and improves constantly with the contributions made by community and corporate backers.
Hire Qualified React Native Developers

With vast experience as a React Native development company, we are proficient in building high-quality near-native applications in the short term. Along with the framework, our React Native developers have mastered cutting-edge approaches, methods, and tools that help us deploy various innovative tech solutions with great success. By choosing to cooperate with Yojji, you will get the following benefits:

Project-Oriented Workflow
Timely Project Delivery
Exceptional Quality of Services
Highly Qualified Experts in React Native Development
Optimized Code
Prompt Support and Maintenance

Choose our React Native application development services and enjoy the benefits of working with professionals. We will build an app that 100% matches your business objectives in no time. Apart from a detailed project plan, you will be provided with wireframes, designs, an app prototype if needed.

Frequently asked questions

If any of the questions haven’t been covered yet, in this section, you may probably find the answers.

Will it be more cost-effective to develop apps using React Native?
Yes, it will in case you team up with a team of dedicated React Native developers like Yojji. In this way, there is no need in hiring two different teams to build apps for iOS and Android respectively. With React Native development company at your side, you invest your budget in one team that works with a single codebase. This cuts down the development times resulting in the lower development cost.
Will you be able to migrate an existing legacy app into a React Native mobile app?
Yes, we provide such services although you need to take into account that the time involved in migrating an existing native app into the app running on React Native will be a bit higher than building a new app.
What are the reasons for using React Native over similar frameworks?
React Native is often referred to as the most functional and effective framework that provides seamless experience to end users. Over the years of work as a software development company, we have built quite a few projects with React Native. This technology has proved to be the best solution for creating apps that look and feel just like the native ones. React Native mobile apps run smoothly and can deal with big volumes of constantly changing data.
How much does it cost to develop a mobile app with React Native?
When it comes to estimating the React Native app development cost, there are several factors that influence the pricing tag. To calculate the costs, we need to know the following aspects: the overall complexity of the app, the set of features, desired UI design, app categories, etc. Once the project requirements are thoroughly analyzed, you will be provided with a ballpark figure.

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