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Yojji has delivered an accessible product with thorough consideration for the client's requirements. Users have commented on the platform's user-friendliness and speed. Moreover, the team is easy to communicate with and provides frequent updates. Their development and design skills are impressive.
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Yojji was an instrumental part of the client’s team, working closely with them to achieve the product’s success. The team was very collaborative and timely, and their performance was amazing. Additionally, their resources were experienced, professional, and enjoyable to work with.
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22 July 2020
7 min to read

What You Need to Know about eLearning App Development

Boryslava Omelchenko
Content marketing specialist

It is expected that the worldwide eLearning market will hit the point of 325 billion dollars by 2025. Another impressive statistic says that the eLearning industry has grown by 900% since 2000 and keeps growing rapidly each year. The data we have presented here is called to prove the need for creating high-quality eLearning apps.

Without a doubt, eLearning projects have a bright future as more and more students are making the choice in favor of online education. It is natural that most universities, schools, and colleges want to meet the requirements of online education and so lean towards new educational approaches including digital platforms and mobile applications. Given the increased demand for eLearning applications, we'd like to talk about the eLearning app development in detail. In this article, you will find out what benefits eLearning app development can bring to your business.

A Few Words about eLearning

E-learning stands for electronic learning and it allows users to take courses online using electronic devices such as a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. With eLearning, users can take courses from all around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online learning is a proven and effective way to educate students while tracking their participation and assessment all at a small fraction of the cost of traditional training. Using eLearning apps in your business, you can remove travel costs for your students as well as accommodations, training material, and teacher salary costs. As opposed to traditional education, eLearning courses are easy to maintain and update. With the power of eLearning, you allow your users to learn at their own pace and present them with engaging learning through the use of audio, video, interactive games, simulations, etc.

The Benefits eLearning Apps Offer

The Benefits eLearning Apps OfferAs it was mentioned above, eLearning apps are beneficial in lots of different ways. Let's have a look at some of the advantages of internet learning:

  • Flexibility. It is up to a student to decide on time and place for studying.
  • Efficiency. Not only do eLearning apps give users an opportunity to study at a convenient pace, but they also provide them with a high level of interactivity which enhances the effectiveness of memorization.
  • No age limitations. Compared to traditional education, eLearning apps are available to people of all ages.
  • Information accessibility. Educational applications provide fast and easy access to information.
  • Motivation. Thanks to the interactivity of eLearning apps, students are offered a higher level of engagement and motivation.
  • Affordable pricing. As opposed to costly university or college education, eLearning is much cheaper and so most people can afford it.
  • Multifunctionality. One application can provide a wide array of different options and features.
  • Continuous studying. A student can study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without limits.

The Variety of eLearning Apps

Now that we have dealt with the advantages eLearning app development can offer, it is time to take a look at the most common eLearning app types:

  • Developing an eLearning app for preschoolers

There’s a different approach to teaching children of preschool age as it requires games and fun activity along with the ordinary material. Due to this, the custom eLearning app development might be a perfect solution as it is possible to add as many special features as it is needed. The eLearning apps for kids make the process of learning easier and more engaging, improve thinking capabilities, add up to creativity and skills, and enhance the level of interaction.

  • Developing an eLearning app for teachers

While online learning apps for teachers and students are similar in lots of ways, there are a number of features that can be useful for teachers only. Due to this, it is important to provide an opportunity to register a teacher account with a set of functions allowing them to create notifications about school activities, manage teacher-student and teacher-parent communication channels, administer the subjects, assign tasks, and so on.

  • Developing an eLearning app for adult students

A software development firm like Yojji can build an eLearning app dedicatedly for adults and high school students. Not only have such apps proved to be helpful in terms of presenting new course material, but also with the students’ concentration and their motivation to learn more. It is common for such apps to include the progress tracking functionality, push notifications and reminders, social media integrations, interesting quizzes, competition tables, and many more.

What Features a Typical eLearning Application Includes

What Features a Typical eLearning Application Includes

While educational applications are all different, there are a number of typical features any good app contains. Here they are:

  • The functionality allows students and teachers to create their profile accounts with the help of email or social networking sites.
  • The search option to make it possible to find a particular subject, course, task, etc.
  • An option allowing attaching documents that can be shared among learners and teachers.
  • The progress bar functionality to help students keep track of their accomplishments and therefore motivate them to do better.
  • Audio and video streaming functionality.
  • Convenient dashboards and menus that provide users with everything the app has in a digestible way.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly time tables for the convenience of scheduling classes.
  • Notifications to keep students informed about updates, classes, and new material.
  • The ratings and reviews feature to help users express their opinion regarding a tutor or course.
  • Various payment options and eCommerce facilitating.

Of course, these are general functionalities of an eLearning app and you can ask for any custom features as per your app's requirements. To get a clearer picture of what a good eLearning app looks like, we recommend you to check out the industry's top-rated apps like Udemy, Khan Academy, Duolingo, etc.

The Cost of eLearning App Development

If you want to calculate the cost of eLearning app development, you need to take into account some general factors influencing the costs. These are the following:

  • The overall complexity of the future app: its type, size, and a number of features needed;
  • The kind of platform your app will be running on (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • The location of your eLearning app development team;
  • The time required for development;
  • The technologies that will be used for developing your eLearning app.

Apart from the main factors we have listed here, there’s a bunch of additional ones that might increase expenses as well. It is recommended to contact a reliable eLearning app development company and ask them about the costs since the prices might differ depending on the requirements of your app.

If you want to find out the costs of developing an eLearning app by Yojji, feel free to reach out to us. Our consultants will gladly provide all the information. We are always clear about pricing so you don't have to worry about extra charges.

Why Should You Choose Yojji as Your Educational App Development Company?

Yojji has a proven record of building robust IT solutions in different industries including eLearning. Our developers and designers are well-versed in a big number of cutting-edge technologies, therefore, they will be able to pick the most appropriate variant for your app. We offer a transparent pricing policy with no hidden costs and extra charges. With Yojji, you know exactly what you pay for as you get the feature-rich, efficient, and scalable applications on time. No matter how complex your eLearning app should be, reach out to Yojji and get a free consultation.

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