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Cloud solutions

Improve product capacity and productivity with cloud-based application development services

Reduce capital expenditure to zero and save 20% on operational costs for optimum business efficiency

Exploit competitive pricing and safety that would not be possible with a similar on-premises installation.

Fast and lightweight applications

Fast and lightweight applications

Cloud application development allows you to create apps that are lighter and can be built faster.
Improved data security

Improved data security

You save money and time by using pre-built security features when scaling the application.
Reduce time and costs

Reduce time and costs

Developing an application using cloud services is done incrementally, thus reducing business costs.
Quick updates and deployments

Quick updates and deployments

You are not limited to local architecture and devices using cloud-based development services. Besides, application deployment can be achieved as short as possible.

Transform your app quality with cloud advisory services

Uncover the most effective tools to increase revenue in the cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, CircleCI, GitHub, Terraform, Bicep, Kubernetes, Docker, and many more.


Cloud competencies

Amazon Web Services (AWS), GCP, and Microsoft Azure are some of the largest cloud service providers. Our company has extensive experience in implementing these cloud platforms in various projects.



Consulting services include recommendations on the use of best practices, choosing the best solution for the business, optimization of various processes, and risk prevention. The company supports clients in various cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), provides high security, optimizes costs, and ensures migration processes.


Cloud migration services

Cloud migration can bring various benefits, such as improved performance, security, enhanced scalability, flexibility, cost savings, simplified management, and monitoring.

The proper framework for a cloud application is a crucial factor

Explore the possibilities of cloud application development and learn how to achieve more in less time and for less money with these services.

Simplified operation

Simplified operation

Third-party cloud service providers deliver infrastructure management.
Instant scalability

Instant scalability

The capacity of your application can be flexibly reduced or increased according to request.
Reduced costs

Reduced costs

Economies of scale of cloud infrastructure and service providers lead to a decrease in prices.
Improved security

Improved security

Cloud service providers provide the most reliable infrastructure security measures.

Discover Cloud Application Development

Cloud software or a cloud application are services that are available remotely and hosted on the vendor’s server on behalf of the customer. Cloud solutions development has many advantages. First, cloud technologies offer a wide range of services that are constantly expanding. Second, with a variety of application deployment features, developers can set up automated application builds (code deployment, server setup, and automated testing) and can quickly and easily update the application, which improves flexibility and responsiveness.

Third, by leveraging cloud systems, any piece of infrastructure can be scaled quickly and easily. Cloud services also offer the ability to build a small and inexpensive infrastructure and scale it as needed, leading to significant cost savings. Fourth, cloud applications are smaller and faster to develop because APIs provide access to third-party data sources and storage services.

To meet our customers’ expectations, Yojji uses the latest tools such as Discover, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, CircleCI, GitHub, Terraform, Bicep, Kubernetes Docker, and many others. By utilizing these technologies, we can maintain a consistent and predictable environment during application development and deployment, which prevents many problems before they occur.

Scalable infrastructure

Our team of DevOps specialists and professional architects ensures the scalability of the infrastructure used and its flexibility. Yojji leverages various platforms (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform) for cloud computing, API management, content storage, delivery to the database, and DNS management.

Continuous integration and deployment

As each pull request automatically generates an isolated integration environment with its database, our experts can review the code before combining it with one of the main branches. Consequently, testing and deployment processes are simplified.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

The IaaS model refers to the provision of infrastructure for rent, with access to it via dedicated lines of communication or via the Internet. Infrastructure elements include virtual servers and their networking, storage, and security. IaaS is an excellent alternative to local infrastructure, which requires a significant investment in physical equipment, as well as expenses to ensure that the equipment is operational and up-to-date. With IaaS, you can buy only what you need at the start of your project, and then buy more as your business grows. The main advantages of IaaS solutions are high flexibility and scalability.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS provides various hardware and software tools to build applications. This model allows developers to create unique applications without spending time and money on writing extensive code. Besides, all necessary system components can be easily scaled up, depending on the customer’s application needs.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS allows you to host all the data you need for a set monthly fee. No software applications need to be installed and run, and the software can be accessed at any time from any device over the Internet. SaaS offers both an out-of-the-box solution that can be up and running in hours, and maintenance, compliance, and security services for digital solutions.

What are the differences between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS?

  • IaaS provides a shared data center as well as a high level of flexibility for hosting custom-built applications.

  • PaaS allows developers to focus on application development rather than infrastructure management.

  • SaaS provides a ready-to-use, cloud-based application that meets specific business needs.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions you may have now.

What are the main industries you serve?
We deliver comprehensive cloud solutions of any scale and complexity for leading players in the fintech, media, education, e-commerce, healthcare, and telecom industries.
Why should I choose Yojji for cloud application development services?
Yojji has exceptional technical skills and extensive experience in building innovative systems for mid-scale businesses and large enterprises. We ensure compliance with HIPAA, FDA, GAMP, PCI, and DSS and provide robust quality for all cloud solutions we build. Besides, our team offers flexible engagement models, timely delivery, and a 100% transparency policy.
How can I make sure my data is safe?
A key factor in using cloud services is the privacy of your data. Before you start working with a cloud service provider, make sure that they use the latest data security methods, have data encryption capabilities for storage and transmission, and carefully review the SLA.
How much does it cost to build a cloud-based application?
The cost of an application consists of many factors, such as complexity, platform/ cross-platform needs, support services, and the qualifications of the development team. Usually, a basic app with essential features will cost $10,000-$25,000, the price of an average cloud-based app is about $25,000-$75,000, and for a modern application with exceptional functionality, you should be ready to pay $70,000 and up. For an accurate estimate, please reach out to us.
How not to end up paying more for cloud than for local hosting?
If you use an application that adapts to the optimal consumption of cloud resources on an architectural level, you save at least 30% of what local hosting requires. However, this applies only to specifically designed cloud solutions because sometimes it is not always technically and economically feasible to move a legacy application architecture to the cloud.
What are some tips to ease cloud application development?
When developing cloud-based apps, make sure to take certain things into account. Here are the top tips and tricks you are advised to adhere to. Leverage cloud-based development platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Apache CloudStack, or Microsoft Azure. Make sure that engineers who know cloud platforms inside and out take full advantage of the cloud capabilities. Pay special attention to potential performance issues. Take a thorough look at the structure of the cloud network to anticipate possible connection issues between database servers and applications. Besides, consider server load issues to maintain consistent performance. Also, develop a robust integration strategy to integrate cloud components as securely as possible.
What is the difference between web and cloud applications?
The main difference is the architecture. A web application needs a constant connection to the Internet to function fully. A cloud application, on the other hand, can perform processing tasks on a local computer.
How long does it take to make a cloud-based app?
It all depends on the complexity of the project. Often, the average development time is 4-6 months. However, if developers use open source and create a fairly simple cloud solution, this process can take several weeks. To get a specific answer to this question, contact our experts, outline your project ideas, and they will give you different options for their implementation and provide a timeline.
How can we avoid cloud vendor lock-in?
There are two ways to prevent this problem. The first way is to develop an application without complex infrastructure dependencies so that you can change cloud providers if needed. The second option is to create a cloud-based application that does not depend on the cloud. However, this will increase the cost of the project and development time.

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