Services Provided by Yojji

Application Transformation

We offer our expertise to transform your digital products and move your application to a cloud environment. We conduct a thorough audit to decide on the best migration approach and use effective techniques to get a highly functional and secure solution.

Yojji experts utilize their knowledge and experience to leverage core IaaS / PaaS resources and speed up both time-to-market and implementation of new features. Engineers re-host applications, re-platform them, and convert legacy workloads to the cloud.

Data Services

We will effectively manage your data during the migration process from on-premises to the cloud and during the development of applications from scratch.

Our team works efficiently to develop various data solutions, including classic SQL and NoSQL DBMS data, data warehouse and big data, business intelligence, and real-time data processing. Besides, our specialists optimize the cost and scalability of the product.


If your goal is to speed up time-to-market and efficiently use resources to save costs, then our team will integrate the application, set up all the necessary infrastructure, and conduct the necessary monitoring.

The Yojji team will provide you with options for saving and optimizing resources while migrating data from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, or building your own secure, flexible, and scalable cloud-based solution. Also, we provide services for the maintenance of the cloud solution, its monitoring, logging, and alerts. Besides, we automate the CI / CD pipeline to optimize the product release process.

Cloud Consulting Service

Yojji supports its clients on PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, cost-optimization, and application migration.

By analyzing the best practices, we help you decide on the best solution that meets your business requirements, optimize the existing processes by maximizing the efficiency of your resources and mitigate all risks your enterprise may face. With vast experience in cloud computing and all the necessary competencies, we make sure you get a highly reliable product with optimal performance and streamlined delivery.

Our Cloud Solutions
Services Process



Goal: Conduct a target analysis and decide on the cloud deployment model.

  • Analyzing the target state

    At this stage, we analyze the goals of the business and vital factors for the proper functioning of the product.


    Target state analysis.


    Product current status report.

  • Identification of business motivation

    We identify the main reasons for the migration of the application or the creation of a digital solution from scratch. These reasons include time-to-market, cost optimization, regulations, and discovering new opportunities.


    Identifying business motivation reasons.


    Business motivation plan.

  • Understanding tech motivation

    We decide on the tech motivation of the project.


    Highlighting the main criteria for technical motivation (agility, innovation, and unification).


    Tech motivation justification.



Goal: Identify the current state of cloud adoption and determine an implementation strategy.

  • Audit

    We conduct a comprehensive audit to create a cloud implementation strategy tailored to your business needs.


    • Architecture audit

    • Infrastructure audit

    • Data audit

    • Applications audit


    Audit report.

  • Consultation

    We provide tips on choosing the goals and priorities of the project, IaaS/PaaS, the tech stack, dependencies, and major milestones.


    • Cloud computing model choice.

    • Priorities identification.

    • Selection of the development team.

    • Tech stack choice.

    • Identification of dependencies.

    • Determination of project milestones.


    A detailed strategy.



Goal: Determine the scope of work, form the target delivery groups, create a backlog, and plan checkpoints.

  • Scope identification & formation of a target delivery team

    At this stage, we outline the scope of the entire project (its objectives, features, and deliverables) and put together needed experts into one team.


    • Goal identification

    • Identification of possible pitfalls

    • Definition of the necessary resources

    • Creating a milestone schedule

    • Creating the target delivery team


    A detailed scope description and a professional formed target delivery team.

  • Detecting cross-system dependencies

    We tackle dependencies to prevent potential problems and validate the functionality.


    • Mapping key cloud infrastructure and application APIs

    • Dependency test

    • Functionality validation


    Cross-system dependencies report.

  • Definition of acceptance criteria

    Identification of the ​​original requirements that should be met takes place.


    Creating a set of the requirements


    An outline of acceptance criteria.

  • Building backlog

    The team builds a product backlog that includes user stories, bug fixes, and technical debts.


    Hygger, Backlog


    A ready list of tasks that must be solved.

  • Planning iterations and checkpoints

    The process of planning iterations and consolidation of a minimum set of checkpoints is carried out.


    Asana, Monday


    A ready list of iterations and checkpoints.



Goal: Work on iteration planning, check the acceptance criteria, provide demo results, and deliver the product.

  • Iterate on backlog

    We select stories from the team backlog for an upcoming iteration and identify tasks required for their implementation.


    Jira, ClickUp


    A ready backlog.

  • Acceptance criteria check

    We test acceptance criteria to make sure they are concise, clear, testable, and provide user perspective.


    Testing criteria for clarity, conciseness, and testability.


    Acceptance сriteria verification report.

  • Demo results

    We provide demo results to assess how a solution empowers the cloud architecture and how effective it is.


    Demonstration of demo results


    Demo results report.

  • Handover

    The handover process of a secure and effective cloud solution takes place.


    Cloud solution handover


    A fully-functional, optimized, and effective cloud solution.



Goal: Maintain cloud-based applications.

  • Consult on Day 2 Ops

    We offer consulting services that will help you operate and manage different cloud-native apps more efficiently.


    • App analysis

    • Collecting data from resources usage and metrics

    • Problem analysis

    • Discovery of solutions


    Day 2 Ops report.

  • Monitoring & Alerting

    By utilizing manual and automated tools, we monitor and analyze the performance of your cloud infrastructure.


    BMC TrueSight Pulse, AppDynamics, Datadog


    Monitoring report.

  • Logging

    Logging involves the creation of log files that contain various data (user information, requests, transactions, and timestamps).


    Amazon CloudWatch Logs, Datadog


    Log files.

  • Operations dashboard

    By utilizing an operational dashboard, we provide a daily performance report.


    GoodData, Sisense


    Operational processes report.

Frequently Asked Questions

If any of the questions haven’t been covered yet, in this section, you may probably find the answers.

How long does the cloud development process last?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the duration of the process depends on the complexity of the project, business requirements, and goals.

How much do cloud services cost?

The cost depends on the complexity of the project and the number of specialists involved. The cost is calculated individually for each project.

Why choose Yojji?

Yojji unites dozens of experts who combine the highest level of knowledge and extensive experience in delivering cloud-based solutions. Here are the characteristics that set us apart from our counterparts.
- We provide up-to-date solutions
Our experienced software architects develop cutting-edge solutions that will allow you to attract a new target audience, enter new markets, and scale your business at no extra cost.
- Always-on availability
We believe that clear communication between the customer and the contractor is the key to success. We create your project following the Agile methodology. This means we organize weekly sprints; each sprint is dedicated to working on a specific component of your product. During the process and at the end of each sprint, we provide reports to the customer.
- World-class expertise
Our team includes only the best developers with extensive experience who are ready to provide the most effective solution for your business.
- Great flexibility
We offer great flexibility in terms of methodologies used so that we offer scalable solutions that will benefit your business.
- Faster time-to-market
Our cloud solutions plan includes efficient workflow and efficient release management. Thanks to the methodologies used, we accelerate time-to-market for a product and provide solutions with the best price-performance ratio.
- Cost optimization
Thanks to our highly qualified specialists, we identify mismanaged resources and plan the necessary scaling algorithm, thereby reducing the cost of cloud applications.

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