Having gained valuable experience in the IT consulting industry, the team of professionals from Yojji is ready to help your organization plan out an effective tech strategy and make it work in accordance with your business objectives.

By opting for our IT consultancy services, you will get complete guidelines for implementing IT solutions which will be the most beneficial for the growth of your business.

The list of our IT consulting services

We deliver all-in-one IT advisory services with an individual approach to each client. From building a clear technology roadmap to making improvements to your enterprise software portfolio, we have got you covered. Our specialists will walk you through the whole process of implementing efficient IT business solutions and turn it into an enjoyable journey.

  • Information technology consultants from Yojji will provide a clearer picture of the technological environment your organization operates and help to analyze the main IT requirements in order to set your main business goals. We will also help you get rid of inefficient IT delivery services and present you with innovative technologies that will benefit your business most.
  • Not only will our experts determine the most efficient strategic paths firms should take in order to be successful and flourishing but they also share their priceless experience with finding the best ways to use IT resources that are available to you. With our company by your side, you get all the needed guidance and support from the top specialists.
  • Forewarned is forearmed. Our top IT consultancy specialists know how important it is to have plan B just in case. To save you the trouble of accomplishing the full cycle of works all by yourself, the team of tech pros will create plans for disaster recovery and business continuity in accordance with your workflow.
  • Nowadays an IT component of the working process of all companies is crucial therefore as a business owner you need to be sure that everything functions properly. As soon as the IT-strategy plan is made, our company handles the implementation of the established objectives so you could leave these worries behind.
  • Our team works on you, for you and with you. We will gladly share pieces of advice concerning how to make the most of the existing software of your company as well as suggest changes and improvements that need to be done to fill the gaps within your software portfolio.

What our IT consultation process looks like

The specialists who work at Yojji can boast of a deep background in the IT-sphere thus our company can guarantee that the methods we use to optimize and improve the information technology component work. With more than three years of experience, the brilliant minds at Yojji have created a few universal approaches to IT consulting that can be applied to businesses of a different focus and scale.

Our experts will analyze the condition of the existing IT services, their effectiveness, and the environment they are used in to determine issues and fix them. The consultants will also advise on changes that have to be made in the software infrastructure.
The IT consultants from Yojji will map out a detailed plan and build a clear strategy for finding and taking advantage of the best IT resources for your company.
Since we strongly believe that collaboration is the key to success, our advisors will work side by side with you and supervise the implementation process of the latest technologies to reach the best results.
After all the agreed objectives have been reached, the team consisting of top software engineers and information technology advisors create guidelines on further improvements and help with their implementation.

IT strategy consulting and the latest technical solutions

We keep the finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the world of IT to provide our clients with the best software options. Thanks to our software advisory, you can be sure that your business gets the most helpful and advanced technologies as well as professional help with their implementation. Our pro-software developers will be happy to advise on any issue regarding creating the software for any of the niches below:

  • E-Commerce/Retail
  • Fintech (Finance)
  • E-Learning
  • Business Services
  • Health & Care
  • Travel & Hospitality
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Frequently asked questions

In case you want to know more about the whole spectrum of our IT consulting services, feel free to look through the FAQ section here.

  • Our company provides the whole range of information technology advisory services such as assessment of the existing software, determining the problems and their solving, advisory and help with the implementation of the latest technologies, building an efficient IT strategy for your organization.
  • The Yojji team does its best to come up with the most useful solutions which will perfectly meet your business needs. At the same time, we are always open to your suggestions and questions. That is why we will gladly explain all the advantages and disadvantages of each solution to help you make a considered decision.
  • It goes without saying that everything in the world of information technologies is constantly changing. Of course, you want your business to be up-to-date and growing. The thing is, nowadays it is impossible without the right IT solutions that would ideally meet all of your business needs and plans. Yojji is here to offer the help of true IT professionals who will work enthusiastically to make your company the greatest.
  • We use IT standards that are well-recognized in the industry and deliver them through the leading practices to help businesses of any scale benefit the most.
  • Yes, we will be happy to provide our recommendations based on the assessment of your company software and its needs.