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Smart Health




Cooperation period

Feb 2020 - Sep 2020

Services used

Web development

The Purpose of the Project

Our client was involved in developing a preliminary online survey service for patients of different clinics. The service was meant to help hospitals with online questioning patients and consulting them on their issues and concerns.

The client requested us to develop functionality for surveying the population on Covid-19 issues. The product was aimed at organizations that work with the elderly. The main task of the service was to conduct surveys of patients and provide them with a list of recommendations based on their responses.

Another important element of this service was the functionality that would allow determining the patient’s risk of being affected by the disease. Also, the service was supposed to give tips on how to prevent the illness and what to do to stay safe.

We were given the task to develop special functionality that would allow hospitals and healthcare centers to create their own unique online questionnaire surveys and customize the issued recommendations.

Results Summary

During the 6 months of cooperation, our team completely developed the front end of the application for the Covid-19 questionnaire. We also expanded the back end and admin sides and shifted the focus towards the coronavirus.

Prior to that, the service was aimed at other diseases. Moreover, we implemented the functionality allowing customization of each client right from the admin panel. Thanks to that, each hospital could design their own questionnaire surveys, the types of questions in the surveys, and recommendations in accordance with their needs.

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Our Approach

At Yojji, we adhere to the principle of effective communication during the development process. As for this project, we decided to rely on the Scrum framework with two-week sprints. This resulted in the improved collaboration of the teams and great performance. To present top-notch results, we contacted the client on a daily basis and rolled out releases every two weeks. After each release, our specialists discussed new features with the client, took up new requests, and made revisions in accordance with the wishes of the client. The established communication and performance of our team were on a high level, which helped us create an innovative functional service in the short term.

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Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges that stood in the way was related to deployment due to a complete change in the DevOps Flow.

To solve this issue, we proposed the client to deploy a new infrastructure on the AWS services. Our team configured all the services, the back end, and the front end of the project from scratch.


There was also another problem our client had. It was associated with automating the sync of the shared database and the databases of separate clinics.

To deal with the occurred issue quickly and efficiently, we assigned a separate team member who had a deep background in that area. Thanks to this, the problem was solved in the short term and we continued working on the project.

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The Yojji team helped to develop an innovative software solution with advanced functionality allowing hospitals and medical centers to conduct online surveys of the population on the Covid-19 pandemic issues. Our specialists were responsible for designing and implementing the front end and back end features along with performing DevOps tasks on deploying services. The working group consisted of 6 full-stack developers (4 developers from the Yojji side and 2 developers from the client’s team), 1 designer, and 1 DevOps engineer.

Together we worked as a team and built a top-notch software product. The need for timely remote health consultations of the population has been high with the global lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. With that in mind, we did our best to succeed in creating the app that met all the requirements and expectations of the client.

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Smart health team

We were responsible for designing and implementing frontend and backend features, along with performing DevOps tasks on deploying services. We worked as a team of 6 full-stack developers(4 from the Yojji side and 2 from customer's), 1 designer, 1 devOps.

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DevOps Engineer

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UI/UX Designer

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