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Time Track System

Oct 2018 - Mar 2019
Workforce Management
About the project

The Time Machine app helps to track and manage the time spent on work tasks. Weekly timesheets allow you to set the time-frames and add comments quickly and easily. Being feature-rich and user-friendly, the app has an intuitive easy-to-use interface.

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The Purpose of the Project

Great time management is a vital part of a successful business. Our company was looking for a time tracking system with specific features. Analysis of existing solutions made us understand that there's no suitable solution for us. Thus we got an idea to make our own product that would be perfect for such needs. As for functionality, we needed features that would allow each employee to measure the time spent on a specific task within a specific project in a convenient way.

On top of that, this service was called to facilitate and accelerate communication between team members inside of a company. Also, we needed an advanced tool for top managers to help them assess each individual employee's performance.

Our Approach

The starting point of our work was a thorough investigation of what needs our company wanted to fulfill with the help of the particular software product. We conducted a few discussions and brainstorming sessions to single out a range of challenges we wanted to solve. Thanks to that approach we managed to map out a clear product development strategy. To bring our plan to reality, we assembled a team that consisted of 4 specialists.

There were two developers, a designer, and a product manager who was responsible for the product. When the work began, new features were released every two weeks. At the same time, all employees of our company were testing the service and making proposals of changes in regard to features and design to make the product better and more convenient.

Challenges and solutions

The first challenge our team faced was hidden in the necessity of making the app design as simple and intuitive as it was possible. Simplicity was required because we wanted new employees to get to work without wasting much time on getting to know the peculiarities of the service.

Our UI decisions were based on the previous experience and understanding of the needs of the people who will use this product. The solution we came up with was in making the interface modular as well as making it look clear and minimalistic while putting an emphasis on bright colors. And at the same time, the main focus was put on the UX design of the app: it had to perform its main functions in a few clicks.

The next challenge was associated with record-keeping functionality. We needed to come up with easy-to-use functionality that would simplify the processes of accountability such as work reporting and documentation. Also, we had to find a way to share work reports with clients.

Our team equipped the Time Machine app with a bunch of useful features that allow an employee to open, for example, the most frequently used report or chart and share it with colleagues in one click. Also, we made it possible to export schedules so that other employees or clients could see them.

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