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Jan 2017 - Feb 2020
About the ValaPay

Vala enables direct execution of money transfers between money transfer businesses, minimizes the total costs of every transaction and generates new revenue streams.

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Custom product development
You take full control of the execution of their tasks. Our software development company takes care of their retention and growth.
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As part of cooperation with the client, our company has provided the following services
Frontend web development
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ValaPay – Yojji Partnership

Initial request

Initially, the client reached out to our company with a request to build a custom web application that would serve as a cross-platform service for international remittances. After the web application was successfully developed in accordance with the requirements, the client made a decision to expand cooperation.

Our team was tasked to create the UI design for the service and work on the application admin panel, which was previously handled by another team. Also, we received the task to create a mobile version of the application from scratch. Eventually, our team was mandated to make decisions in regard to the project design and software development independently.

Our Approach

We followed the approach that was built upon continuous and transparent communication with the client. The two cornerstones of our cooperation were the time-and-material model and the scrum framework that helped both the client and our team to work on the project and complete it successfully. Also, we conducted week-long sprints with Monday releases. Those methods allowed us to make quick revisions, check progress, and discuss further goals. Whatever questions and issues arose, we could solve them quickly and effectively by communicating with the client via email, messengers, and advanced project management tools several times a day.

The client stayed open to our suggestions and so we experimented with communication formats, workflows, etc. Such a flexible approach made it possible to check what worked well for a particular case, thus, we could leave the most suitable solutions and make the most of them. Thanks to the iterative approach we managed to speed up releases of new functionality enabling the cross-platform system to evolve and get better.

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge for us was related to the very tight deadlines of the project.

Thanks to the right approach in work organization and time management, we managed to build the most fitting team for the project and create an MVP in two months.

Another challenge we stumbled upon was the necessity of making the service multilingual.

Since the service needed to be available in different countries, it had to support multiple languages. To make that happen, we integrated Lokalise API that provided automatic page translation. Also, we added functionality to add and remove languages. On top of that, we made it possible to add, change, and update content without developers.

There also were some problems connected with the request for adding new functionality. At a certain stage of the service development process, the client decided to add a new feature that hadn’t been discussed previously.

Even though it was an unforeseen situation, our team could reallocate resources competently and managed to add new functionality to the service without shifting the development timeline.

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Products & Features


Continuous redefining and redesign of the app navigation to meet new requirements.

Feedback from client
Yojji was an instrumental part of the client’s team, working closely with them to achieve the product’s success. The team was very collaborative and timely, and their performance was amazing. Additionally, their resources were experienced, professional, and enjoyable to work with.
Alon Zion
Former Co-Founder
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