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09 June 2020
9 min to read

It looks like the demand for quality software engineers is increasing with each passing day.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers is expected to rise to 21% by the year 2028. Comparing to an average of just 5% for other occupations, the job outlook rate in this sphere is impressively high. Since the demand for computer software is bigger than ever, the interest in employing professional software developers requires no further explanations.

Finding and hiring top software engineering talents may seem like an easy task since there are more than 25 million of IT specialists in the world as for 2020. However, there’s more to hiring software developers than just posting a job offer on various job boards. After all, you need only the best ones, right?

Want to know how to hire a software developer in no time? Keep reading!

Qualities a Good Software Developer Possesses

article illustrationWhat does a software developer do?

Simply put, a software developer is a person who designs, develops, maintains, and tests different kinds of computer software. From crafting small mobile apps to creating complex desktop applications - it is the job of a software programmer.

Before we dig deeper into the hiring process, it will be great to single out characteristics that differentiate a top-notch software programmer from a mediocre one. Although the developer's role is constantly changing and improving in order to be relevant in the IT labor market, there's a certain set of qualities that any good programmer needs to possess.

So, a professional software engineer…

  • never stops learning

Everyone who has something to do with information technology knows that learning new things is crucial. Even the best minds sometimes face the problem of not knowing the answer. A good programmer will be able to find an interesting solution to a tricky problem in no time. Professional developers are brilliant at self-learning and aren’t afraid of new technologies.

  • has exceptional programming skills

A decent programmer knows the logic of programming, develops best coding practices, and makes use of the available tools, frameworks, languages to build cutting-edge solutions.

  • is well-versed in the best software development practices

It goes without saying that you need to find a professional who has experience working on projects similar to the one you want to create. Top specialists have a deep background in a number of technologies and can work within different environments.

  • is a great team player

In today’s world, any quality programmer needs to have great communication and collaboration skills. An ability to be a good team player is as important as an ability to write clean well-documented code. Teamwork is beneficial in all aspects so you definitely want a developer who can support colleagues, help, and teach them when necessary.

  • can manage tasks and time effectively

True professionals value the time of their colleagues and clients therefore always come to work and meetings on time. On top of that, they are able to calculate the amount of time a particular task requires and deliver great results within the deadlines.

What Software Developer Do You Need?

If you a business owner who wants to succeed in the industry, you need bug-free professionally-developed software. To build one, you should find and hire a team of quality developers that will help your company benefit the most. But before that happens, do your research and decide what kind of software engineers your project needs.

Although software developers differentiate a lot depending on the area they work within, most candidates can be put in three categories:

Front-end developers are responsible for creating user-friendly and interactive interfaces of applications or websites. Not only do front-end developers need to know scripting languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript well, but they also have to be talented in design.

Back-end developers are responsible for writing server-side logic of applications and integrating it with the front-end. Web services and APIs are built by back-end developers. Developing the back-end requires knowledge of languages like Java, C#, or C++ and database technologies like SQL.

Full-stack developers are all in one. They are just as good at developing the front-end part as they are at the back-end.

Of course, the categories presented here are general and there are other kinds of narrowly-focused software developers. Before hiring one, decide on what kind of software you want to build and what additional skills your team lacks.

How to Hire Software Engineers?

article illustration

Create an accurate software developer job description

"We need a professional to build an app that is similar to Facebook" may sound like an extensive description of what a software engineer will need to do for your company. In reality, the only thing that you will get in return is a blank stare of your potential candidate. The truth is when it comes to crafting a job description, the more specific you are, the better. To have a clear vision of what a perfect candidate looks like is a must. So, here are a few things to include when writing a job offer:

  • The list of crucial technical skills. Consider mentioning all the programming languages a fitting candidate needs to have the knowledge of. It is also a good idea to add this information to a job title to grab the attention of your potential employee. Like, if you need a highly-skilled developer who will be working with Ruby on Rails, it is better to post a job offer with a title “Senior Ruby Developer” instead of just “Software Developer”.
  • The list of additional skills. Of course, there are no developers that know all languages, frameworks, and tools, however, it won’t harm if you mention a few skills in addition to essential ones. Point out that these skills are not must-haves, but would serve as a plus.
  • The list of non-technical skills. While some employers think that good communication, teamwork, and time management skills are understood as a matter of course, it is still important to outline the needed skills and mention them.
  • Working environment. As a business owner, you want to recruit employees with the same or similar style or work. If your company works within the Agile approach, you will need a candidate to at least know what stands behind this system. Moreover, it makes sense to mention your work hours and extra hours requirements.
  • Perks. Since software developers are in high demand, they can be very picky about job offers. You need to find ways to get their attention at "hello". So, it makes sense to describe the "What We Offer" part in detail.

Be smart with job interviews

Not only do software developers have to be coding magicians but also good team players. Due to this is needed that employers conduct two different interviews:

  • A tech-interview is required to test the actual knowledge and technical skills.  It can be conducted either in a written form or by the means of face-to-face/video meetings. Usually, such interviews are held by developers who are well-versed in a particular programming field.
  • A personal interview is handled by recruiters or human resources managers. During this interview, it is possible to see what a developer’s soft skills are and what kind of person he or she is. The interview will help you decide whether a candidate fits your company or not.

Consider a paid test period

A paid test period is a common practice these days. How else will you find out whether or not you want to see this person as a part of your team? Of course, you have already tested a candidate's technical knowledge and skills, but one task is usually not enough. A test period is a great way to see how a software developer solves different tasks, how he/she works in a team, etc. It is recommended to discuss the time frames and payment questions of a test period in advance.

Be ready to pay a competitive salary

We keep saying that well-rounded software developers are in great demand and it also means that they are offered a high salary. It doesn't mean that you need to go out of your budget in order to get a candidate’s attention, but you have to be ready to compete with other job offers. Currently, a software developer can earn between $50,000 - $104,000 a year on average. Of course, it should be noted that the salary rates depend on a region, a programming language a developer knows, a candidate's experience, etc. You will need to conduct your own research to offer reasonable money.

How to Hire Software Developers: Conclusion

A software developer is one of the most in-demand jobs out there, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find the right person. Follow our software developer hiring process tips and you will be able to get a talented programmer in no time. The whole process isn’t as frightening as it may seem at first, but it definitely requires some knowledge and skills. If you are in search of professional software developers at the moment, the Yojji team is always open to new exciting challenges. Our IT consultants can not only share pieces of advice regarding how to find skilled software developers but also help with composing job descriptions, conducting technical job interviews, calculating the right salary range, etc. Feel free to reach out to us.

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