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03 July 2020
19 min to read

What You Need to Know Before You Outsource SEO Services

Vladyslav Havrylevskyj
Head of digital marketing

Nowadays there is no need to explain the importance of an SEO campaign for the success of a business whether it is a small startup or a big company. As Bill Gates once stated, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” These wise words can't be closer to the truth. According to the recent statistic data, there are 4.57 billion active Internet users in the world. Without a doubt, all these people are used to looking for information on the web. But here's the thing, more than 75% of digital users never look on the second page on a Google search. It seems fair that if you want to get the clicks and traffic, you need to make it to the first page of SERPs no matter what. That's exactly the case when the right SEO is crucial. One of the best ways to run a fruitful digital marketing campaign is to outsource SEO services to an external SEO agency. In this article, we are going to be overviewing SEO outsourcing, its benefits and drawbacks, and what things have to be taken into account before outsourcing SEO services.

SEO Outsourcing In a Nutshell

article illustrationSEO outsourcing is when an individual or a company outsources a number of SEO-related services such as on-page website optimization and off-page website optimization to 3rd party contractors. Companies often choose to outsource SEO services to help their businesses scale and grow, rank higher in search results, and provide their clients with more robust services.

Apart from a number of obvious benefits that you get by choosing to outsource SEO services, you receive one major advantage - the opportunity to switch the focus from SEO tasks to your key business tasks. There's no need to worry about a higher ranking position, good traffic, and ROI (return of investment) as these perks will definitely come with the right SEO strategy.

Outsourcing SEO Services vs Building an In-House Team

article illustrationIf you are in two minds whether you should outsource SEO services to a digital marketing agency or it is better to make your in-house marketing team do all the work, take a look at this comparison with the pros and cons of both options.

In-House Marketing Team

  • Brand familiarity. It makes sense that your in-house team knows your business brand inside and out. Of course, a good agency will get to know your brand too but establishing this relationship can take some time.
  • Accessibility. An in-house team will more likely take less time to contact since they work side by side with you. With an agency, you will likely communicate via email or by phone and there may be a delay in communication, especially if you are in different time zones.
  • Focus. SEO companies work with a lot of clients so you might not get the level of focus which you can get from in-house digital marketers. However, good companies will treat you like you are the only client.
  • Talent management. Having an in-house SEO team means you have to find, hire, and train new team members on your own. On top of that, the cost of your team may be a lot more expensive than outsourcing SEO services. The ever-changing digital marketing landscape requires a lot of different skills so it is not likely you can hire one person to do all the work.
  • Technology. There’s a number of free tools like Google Analytics that help with your digital marketing, but chances are you are going to need more data to make decisions. Ahrefs and SEMrush are two of many paid tools that really help fill in any gaps but they cost money. Agencies use these and other tools so you don’t need to pay extra. Besides, gathering data from different tools can be challenging if you are not sure what you are doing.
  • Growth potential. You can hire the best and the brightest internal SEO specialists, but everyone has their limits. A person may be an expert in content marketing but they don’t have a ton of advanced technical knowledge. Or vice versa. You might find yourself aligning on freelancers to supplement your team which can get expensive if used often. If you want to scale your digital marketing efforts, you might also overload your team. SEO agencies and vendors have multiple people that can handle larger projects and do the tasks more efficiently.

Outsourcing SEO Services to an Agency

  • Experience. As it was mentioned earlier, SEO agencies usually work with a lot of clients. It can be both a disadvantage and an advantage. As for the latter, it makes them better in making decisions for your SEO strategy. For working with different clients and in different industries, there’s a decent chance that SEO specialists can see what works and what doesn’t work for a business like yours. Also, they might go after several industry certifications so they can prove that they know what they are doing. Plus, having a large team means a lot of experts who can shape your campaign for success.
  • Tools. As we were saying, you need reliable tools to make informed decisions about your SEO. Paid tools can be quite expensive, but agencies typically use them on a larger scale, so you don’t have to worry about having every tool.
  • Cost. Hiring, training, and keeping an internal marketing team takes away time and money from your business. The cost of partnering with an agency depends on your needs, but you can end up saving thousands of dollars every year by choosing to outsource SEO services. You might want to handle some of the work yourself and past the rest to an agency leading to even greater cost savings. A good company that offers SEO services will help you determine your business goals and go from there.
  • Location. SEO specialists from an external company are not going to be immediately available if the company isn’t local. As we said before, it can be challenging to choose meeting times if you are in different time zones and there may be a delay in communication. But a good company has all processes in place to make any time differences work.
  • Multiple clients. Even though working with different clients is normal for SEO specialists, some of them might lose focus on your business. If you feel like you don’t get enough attention, it is time to find a new contractor.
  • Control. Agencies tend to work best with some level of freedom. Not to say that you won’t have any input on your strategy, but you should trust your outsourcing agency to make informed decisions for you on a daily basis. If you want full control over your daily SEO activities, you might find an in-house team a better solution. Yet, a responsible agency (like Yojji) will not just make decisions and leave you in the dark. They’ll have thorough reporting processes to keep you informed and keep themselves accountable.

Who Can You Outsource SEO Services To?

article illustrationWhen you choose to outsource SEO services, there are a few different ways you can do that. Here they are:

#1 Finding and hiring SEO freelancers

Frankly, of all the paths this one seems to be the easiest as it lays on the surface. There are dozens of freelance platforms where SEO specialists offer their services at an affordable cost. Being a reliable option, independent SEO freelancers can help businesses with their content projects and link building strategies from time to time. However, this approach works better, if a client has minimal needs in their SEO campaign. Due to the fact that the digital marketing industry tends to change on a regular basis, you can't be sure that a freelancer you hire keeps up with all the latest trends and tactics. There's a chance that you won't get the desired result because SEO won't be up to date.

#2 Contracting a company that provides SEO services

Another way of making SEO work to your advantage is to outsource SEO to a company that provides such services. One of the greatest benefits of choosing to work with a company is that SEO is done by a team of professional digital marketers who know the industry in and out. There’s no need to learn SEO techniques all by yourself since a team you are hiring will do all the job for you.

#3 Delegating SEO tasks to a full-service agency

Last but not least, you can outsource SEO services to a full-cycle agency. There are tons of advantages of choosing this path but the most valuable one is that you rely on the expertise, skillset, and knowledge of a team of digital marketing experts who can do both SEO and non-SEO work for you. This means that you will get help from SEO specialists, SMM marketers, copywriters, web designers, etc. And the best thing is, these people will be dedicated to your business needs and goals. If you need a reliable SEO service vendor, feel free to contact Yojji. As a full-cycle web development company, we provide all kinds of services from custom web development and design to SEO and IT consulting.

The Bottom Line

You can find a bunch of success stories told by companies that have outsourced SEO services and have reached top rankings. As you know there is no smoke without fire. Sometimes, these stories seem to be too good to be true, but trust us, SEO works like a charm. The right strategies of search engine optimization have helped a big number of businesses to rank higher in search results, scale, and grow. Unless you are a company that can afford to find, hire, and train an in-house SEO team, it is always better to outsource SEO services to someone who does SEO on a daily basis, knows all the tricks, and can apply them in practice. Yojji can become your partner and help you with the SEO tasks while you are focused on your core business activities. If you want to find out how we can help you, don’t hesitate and reach out to our consultants.

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Ildar Kulmuhametov
CEO, Co-Founder

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