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15 April 2021
7 min to read

Software Development Outsourcing To Mexico: Is It Worth Considering?

Ildar Kulmuhametov
CEO and Founder at Yojji | Web and Mobile Development

Perhaps Mexico isn’t the first country you consider when going to outsource your software development. But at the moment this country is known as one of the best places for outsourcing since it has a lot of advantages for US companies. Want to know more about why it is a good idea to outsource in Mexico? Just keep reading.

General Idea Of the Software Development in Mexico

Mexico has quickly evolved to a globally competitive IT outsourcing market and a vibrant business hub. In recent years, Mexico has been praised by the global technology community for being the first country in Latin America to put financial technology regulations in force. Their infrastructure is developing. The number of cloud computing companies is growing – this ensures that the state is able to provide reliable telecommunications, internet, and wireless technology.

An additional advantage of Mexico is that within the framework of the NAFTA agreement, free movement of goods and services between Canada, Mexico, Chile, and the United States is allowed. That is, there are no customs duties and taxes, as well as quantitative restrictions on mutual trade in accordance with the concluded international agreement.

All this makes Mexico a perfect environment for software development outsourcing. Now let’s dwell a bit into what Mexico and its web engineers are known for.

The Time Zone Convenience

The time zone difference may seem something minor, but in fact, it’s a very essential aspect if we’re talking about software development. The difference in time zones is one of the biggest factors affecting the whole course of a project – from scheduling a project to day-to-day communications. When a US company collaborates with a development team from a completely different time zone, there is a need to plan in advance the time intervals that are convenient for both sides. This can become an issue of serious concern, if unexpected problems arise that need to be resolved urgently or if there is a necessity to arrange an unscheduled meeting.

By choosing to outsource their software development in Mexico, American companies’ owners can be sure that they won’t have such issues – Mexico is located in the same time zone as the USA, plain and simple. Business hours are the same, meaning time zones do not interfere with work. Real-time cooperation makes working with a development team from Mexico much easier than working with partners from many other countries such as India, Asian countries, etc.


Mexico's close proximity to the United States provides another important advantage – this makes it possible to arrange more frequent face-to-face meetings. Since the countries are very close to each other, an in-person meeting is only a matter of a couple of hours by plane. There are more than 200 flights from the United States to Mexico every day with no travel restrictions or short-haul flights. This advantage makes cooperation much easier, which will positively affect team management and the overall project progress.

Cultural Similarities

An often overlooked factor that is nevertheless very important for software development is the importance of ensuring cultural fit between the hiring side and the team of developers. Simply put, partners that are similar to each other culturally will cooperate more successfully than teams from countries with significant cultural differences. The perfect cultural match worth considering.

An American company that hires software developers from Mexico is more likely to have a better development experience than if they find a partner from other countries. How does it work? It's all about Mexico's proximity to the United States, which is expanding cultural links between the two countries so that the culture of Mexico is very close to the American one. It’s true that Mexicans and Americans have similar values, political views, and traditions. And, above all else, they share similar principles in work and business.

There’s another benefit of Mexico’s close-by location to the United States – the lack of language barriers. Most IT specialists from Mexico speak English at a fairly high level. And the fact that a large percentage of the US population speaks Spanish gives Mexico another advantage. This ensures that American business owners don’t need to worry about a possible communication problem.

Highly-Skilled Software Developers

American companies outsource their software development projects mainly because they lack highly qualified specialists in their IT teams. Business owners are looking for human resources outside their home country to fill empty IT positions. In this regard, Mexico is an excellent choice for outsourcing.

Mexico’s workforce capacity really impresses: there are about 500,000 software development professionals at the moment and their number is constantly increasing. More and more Mexican citizens get engineering degrees – the state has overtaken even some European countries on this indicator. Mexico's universities graduate thousands of IT students annually to satisfy the growing demand from both domestic and global companies. So now the country provides high-level specialists who understand the latest technologies in the field and are able to carry out all kinds of IT projects.

STEM subjects are becoming increasingly popular in Mexican high schools. Lots of private, local, state, and non-profit initiatives, like the Code GDL, motivate students to learn features of web development even at a young age. Mexico is working hard to create a great talent pool, which can maintain a powerful and diverse technology sector and satisfy the demands of technology partners, customers, and employers in the USA and beyond.

Reasonable Prices For Quality Services

The main reason to outsource software development is to reduce costs. For this very reason, the countries of Eastern Europe or Asia are such demanded places for outsourcing – their companies offer extremely cheap web development services.

In turn, outsourcing in Mexico is slightly more expensive compared to the above regions, but it makes up for this fact by providing high-quality services at reasonable prices. Mexican developers don't sacrifice quality just for lower costs. Thus, US businesses outsourcing their IT projects to Mexico, pay less for services than they would pay in the United States but will get the same quality as with their in-house development team.

Mexico Vs Ukraine: What To Choose For Outsourcing Software Development?

Keen competition in Latin America and Eastern Europe is growing. Today Ukraine is increasingly becoming a sought-after outsourcing destination for large companies from different countries, including the United States. So which region should you choose for outsourcing your IT project?

The main difference between outsourcing in Ukraine and Mexico lies in the location and cost of living. Due to the cost of living, hourly wages in Mexico are slightly higher than in Ukraine. This means that the cost of software development services here will be much lower. Will the low cost affect quality? Hardly at all.

Ukrainian developers dispel the myth that American educated IT engineers are better than their Ukrainian counterparts. Every year tens of thousands of engineers graduate universities, of which 16,000 are IT specialists. Ukrainian web developers show high results in the worldwide online competitions for IT professionals, in which 11 million people from 50 countries take part. Most Ukrainian specialists speak English fluently – over 75% at the intermediate level or higher. All this guarantees high quality outsourcing services in this country.

Mexico, for its part, takes precedence over Ukraine in terms of its geographic proximity to the United States and the possibility of real-time cooperation. The time difference can be a minor difficulty when outsourcing to Ukraine.

To sum up, Mexico is certainly one of the best outsourcing destinations in Latin America. But if you’re looking for ways to reduce costs and increase profits, you can consider Ukraine as an outsourcing environment – definitely a great option in terms of price-quality ratio.

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Ildar Kulmuhametov
CEO, Co-Founder

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