Services Provided by Yojji

Business analysis and consulting

Our business analysts analyze your problems and outline possible solutions that promote your business growth.

Yojji specialists provide their expertise and guidance that contribute to enterprise growth. Our high-skilled experts with accomplished experience use the latest tools to analyze your current business situation, help address your business challenges, create a timetable for the implementation of changes, provide cost breakdowns, and offer cost reduction opportunities.

Full-Stack Web Development Services

With the necessary experience and expertise, we utilize the latest and the most effective technologies to develop the back end and the front end of a web solution.

Our experienced developers work on various projects, regardless of their scale and niche. Full-stack engineers use a client-oriented approach and choose a separate set of technologies for every case. They use the most effective technologies to deliver flawless results. Examples of these stacks include MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js), MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and Node.js), Django Stack (Django, Python, and MySQL as Database).

E-commerce Solutions

Yojji provides a variety of e-commerce solutions that will drive revenue growth and help you reach new audiences.

If you want to transfer your business to the digital realm, then our team is here to build a user-friendly and attractive e-commerce solution that will turn lookers into bookers and boost your conversion rates. Our engineers have extensive experience in choosing the right strategy for developing an effective product from scratch or improving an existing system with various add-ons. We can either create a versatile e-commerce system in a traditional or an innovative format or add new features, develop ERP systems, or integrate cloud services into an existing business.

Quality assurance

Our QA analysts use their expertise to make sure your product is stable, secure, user-friendly, and functions flawlessly.

Having expertise in testing diverse web products, QA analysts bring all their knowledge and experience to the table to guarantee your web solution offers a pleasant and intuitive experience. A professional QA team runs various tests and evaluates different software modules to ensure the best usability and functionality of the product. By utilizing various approaches and tools, our specialists ensure compliance with the highest quality and security standards.

Our Approach

We use the client-oriented approach, so we provide maximum flexibility in terms of technologies used and the time of web application development. We are guided by Agile principles, so we quickly implement new technologies into the development process, adapt the workflow to the client’s requirements, and also quickly provide examples of web applications for verification by the client. Our team is constantly evolving in order to deliver the best product for every client.

Our Web Development
Services Process


Research and Discovery

Goal: Define web development strategies, the main objectives, website content, wireframes, and functional requirements.

  • Identifying the website purpose

    During this phase, we decide on the purpose of a future website: promoting or providing a service, selling a product, or giving information.


    • Project discover session

    • Project clarification


    • Tasks breakdown

    • The technology stack

    • Project milestones

    • Project management timelines

  • Determining the target audience

    We use various tools to conduct market research and analyze competitors to define your target audience to make a clear choice of the website style and design.


    Target analysis


    • Sitemap

    • Document with the descriptions of timelines

    • Wireframes

    • Technologies

    • Content requirements

    • Technical requirements


Content Creation

Goal: Creation of compelling content that converts users into customers

  • Writing marketing texts

    We write relevant information about your company, add creative headlines and calls to action that help retain users.


    Sharethrough Headline Analyzer, HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator


    Compelling content that defines website purposes

  • Proofreading and Editing

    We proofread the texts to make sure they are error-free and easy to understand.


    Grammarly, Dupli Checker


    An attractive and selling text


Designing and Wireframing

Goal: Create a unique design with an enjoyable user experience

  • Clarifying all demands

    Using the data obtained from the audience research, we discuss with stakeholders all the requirements, preferences, and demands a project must cater to.


    Stakeholder interview


    A document with outlined preferences and requirements

  • UX Design

    An aesthetically attractive design ensures a flawless user experience, so our UX designers lay hands on the website design. They define the information architecture of a product, design user flows, wireframes, and create interactive prototypes.

  • Low-fidelity prototypes

    At this stage, we design a sketch that gives a visual tour of the website elements, content arrangement, and basic features for users.


    Figma, Sketch, InVision


    A simple pattern that represents a website structure (e.g. the size and placement of key interface elements).

  • High-fidelity Wireframes

    All previously designed wireframes are transformed into color themes, menus, tabs that serve as an example of the final product design.


    Figma, Sketch


    High-fidelity wireframes

  • Interactive Prototype

    We create a demo of a website look when it goes live and demonstrate it to the client to make sure it fits the customer’s tastes.


    • Helps find functionality errors

    • Allows testing designs with stakeholders and users



Goal: Our full-stack developers transform all approved design ideas into a working model. Our experienced engineers use the latest technologies and adapt the development process to customer’s needs. Basically, the development process can be divided into two parts: backend development and frontend development.

  • Backend development

    Our backend engineers develop the server-side application, database, and integrate business logic.


    Node.js, Microsoft.NET


    Ensuring all elements perform their functions

  • Frontend development

    During this phase, we develop the client-side part of the website and add sophisticated functions.


    Angular, React, Vue.js, Bootstrap


    A responsive and user-friendly web product


Testing, Deployment, & Maintenance

Goal: To check website or web applications’ usability, compatibility, and performance, then release the product, and work on its constant improvement.

  • Testing

    We test all the scripts to make sure the web product is displayed on various devices as expected, it loads perfectly, and it is user-friendly. Besides, this stage also may include on-page Search Engine Optimization and installations of various plugins.


    PHPUnit, TeamCity, JMeter


    A market-ready product

  • Deployment

    We deploy the web solution to the server by using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).


    BeanStalk, Github, Bitbucket, FileZilla


    The web solution is hosted on web servers and is available for viewing and using

  • Post-Deployment Maintenance

    We collect the user’s feedback to find an area for improvement and decide on the necessary changes; add new features and update the product regularly to keep it in top shape.


    Domain Hunter Plus, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics


    A well-functioning website or web application that is in alignment with the latest trends and that keeps the audience engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

If any of the questions haven’t been covered yet, in this section, you may probably find the answers.

How long does the web development process last?

The development time for a web application depends on the customer’s requirements, the complexity of the application, the number of required functions, and the testing process. Contact us, tell us about the goals of your business project, and we will provide you with information about the duration of the development process.

How much does it cost to make an application?

The cost of an application depends on its complexity, type, requirements, and feature set. Upon request, we will provide you with information on the approximate cost of development.

What technologies and methodologies do you use?

For backend development, we use the following technologies: Microsoft.NET, Node.js, Python. For developing the front end, we use CSS and HTML languages, as well as JavaScript frameworks: Angular, React, Vue.js, Ember. As for development methodologies, we stick to the Agile approach.

Why should I choose Yojji web development services?

We think big and work hard to deliver top-notch web solutions that help your business grow. Here is a brief explanation of why you should partner with Yojji if your ultimate goal is to get a highly functional and scalable web product.
- We are flexible and are always ready to tailor the entire process to your business requirements.
- We ensure that the product has high performance and is highly secure.
- We offer customized web development. Besides, we offer an option to pay only for those functions that you require so that you do not exceed your budget.
- Thanks to the Agile approach, we work as effectively as possible.

Do you need more information?

We are always open to discussion, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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