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Clients say
Lisa Ross, VP of Experience & Tech, Avenue
Yojji has delivered an accessible product with thorough consideration for the client's requirements. Users have commented on the platform's user-friendliness and speed. Moreover, the team is easy to communicate with and provides frequent updates. Their development and design skills are impressive.
Noam Nevo, Co-founder of OSU
The client considers Yojji a fully integrated part of their team. Their resources show a high level of skill, professionalism, and organization. They participate in daily meetings, are able to work independently, and can offer input on project scopes when asked.
Alon Zion, Former Co-Founder
Yojji was an instrumental part of the client’s team, working closely with them to achieve the product’s success. The team was very collaborative and timely, and their performance was amazing. Additionally, their resources were experienced, professional, and enjoyable to work with.
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25 April 2022
8 min to read

Yojji has completely transformed product engineering by building custom digital products faster without compromising quality. A team of professional engineers uses their expertise coupled with the required experience augmented by the latest technology to deliver functional digital products, customized to our customers’ business situations. We collaborate with lean startups and leading enterprises, investing maximum knowledge and skills in each product, regardless of the scale of the client company. If you want to learn more about the services our product engineering services company provides, their types, and a product engineering services process, read on. In this article, you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

How Do Companies Win from Product Engineering Services?

Solid digital solutions built by accomplished product engineers help businesses unleash their hidden potential and become competitive in ways that could not be seen before. On top of that, a company of any scale will benefit from using product engineering services. Businesses will be able to:

  • Get expertise in a new technology domain.

  • Focus on core business processes, which was hitherto not possible.

  • Get convenient interaction within systems through the use of cross-functional and cross-platform solutions.

  • Streamline their traditional services.

  • Get improved ROI and reduced costs of development, maintenance, testing, and support of the product.

  • Get accelerated time-to-market for an expanded product line.

  • Make use of efficient and dynamic troubleshooting by scaling according to customer needs.

Product Engineering Services Process

Our team consists of first-class specialists who consistently comply with the deadlines for completing tasks and do everything to create a product in accordance with the client’s requirements. We keep in touch with customers throughout the project and promptly make changes if necessary. Our product engineering services process encompasses the following stages.

  • Preparation stage

We create technical documentation of customer requirements and all specifications, assemble a team, and create product prototypes.

  • Design and Development

We start working on your product in sprints. Our experts do their best to create a user-friendly and cost-effective product design, making sure it has a functional interface. After the design is ready, we move on to the development stage. We regularly hold meetings to manage our team’s workload and workflow. Every two weeks we provide reports to the customer for monitoring. After the development phase is complete, our team conducts user acceptance testing and deploys the product.

  • Quality assurance

We monitor the quality of the implemented product, make sure it meets all the requirements outlined, identify stability, usability issues, and fix them if necessary, and our team of technical experts provides comprehensive multi-level support. Our specialists are ready to help you with any query you may have regarding the product we have delivered.

  • Further work

We keep up with the latest trends and constantly analyze customer demand, so we regularly update the product to ensure that it complies with the market requirements. If necessary, we quickly scale the team to implement updates.

Take Advantage of Product Engineering Services Provided by Yojji

We are ready to create tailored solutions for your company or enhance the existing product to make sure it meets all the marketing needs. Here are the product engineering services our specialists offer to small, midsize, and large businesses.

  • Product enhancement

We analyze the client’s product characteristics, make sure they are in alignment with the market dynamics, and provide recommendations and innovations to make the existing product better. We offer product analysis and conceptualization, environment upgrades, product integration into the new market environment, and its transition.

  • Custom company products

Keeping our clients’ needs and requirements in mind, we deliver custom digital solutions of any complexity that solve all the business tasks.

  • Custom mobile products

A Yojji team of developers and architects delivers digital solutions that tackle various tasks. Custom mobile cross-platform products we develop keep the users engaged and offer an unforgettable mobile journey.

Products with the latest technologies

Yojji has bridged the gap between high-quality and affordable digital solutions. We are ready to meet any challenges your company may have. Our experts are ready to bring their expertise and skills to the table in the following spheres:

  • Internet of Things
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Distributed Ledger Technology & Blockchain
  • Geolocation Technologies

Product testing

Thanks to advanced frameworks and testing tools, we provide end-to-end testing services on Web, Cloud, and Mobile. Our high-standard product testing services help clients launch their products faster by reducing the time and effort spent on product testing.

Industry Use Cases

With high-quality product engineering services, we have developed digital products tailored to different business needs across various industry verticals. Below, we will share the use cases of our custom products that empowered different businesses.


ValaPay provides direct money transfers between money transfer companies while maintaining complete data confidentiality.


Osu is a payment system for merchants that makes payments between customers and suppliers simple, secure, and allows merchants to quickly create and manage payment requests.



Smart Health is HIPAA-compliant software that enables conducting timely remote health consultations and online surveys concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.

Smart Health

Frequently asked questions

If any of the questions haven’t been covered yet, in this section, you may probably find the answers.

  • What is the difference between product engineering services and custom software development?

Product engineering services are focused on developing commercial digital products for generating financial income. As for custom software, it is usually designed for boosting employees’ performance, reducing costs, and optimizing operations.

  • Are stages of product engineering services different from that of custom development?

Mainly, these processes have the same stages. Product engineering services and custom development differ in the approach used - product engineers focus on the revenue model and user experience.

  • What is a typical dedicated team structure?

The main specialists in the team are software engineers, UI and UX designers, a QA expert, and a project manager. Sometimes a team may include a business analyst, managers, and a solution architect.

  • How much do product engineering services cost?

The cost of product engineering services depends on various factors. Therefore, we recommend contacting us for getting relevant information. Our accomplished specialists will answer all questions you may have.

  • Why choose Yojji for product engineering services?

Yojji is a team of highly-skilled professionals who deliver the best-in-class solutions at a competitive cost. By partnering with our company, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Maximum customer satisfaction By utilizing the cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, we deliver the most secure, user-friendly, and scalable digital solutions for your business.

  • Agile approach We focus on iterative development and great flexibility for a team and a client. Therefore, we deliver the finest results together with full transparency for a customer.

  • Flexible management models We don’t offer strict rules, instead, we provide our customers great flexibility in terms of hiring and management models.

  • Competitive pricing We offer the perfect combination of excellent quality and affordable rates. The cost of each project depends on various factors and is discussed individually.

  • Dedicated teams We offer developers who have hands-on experience with the latest technologies and frameworks. You can hire our professionals on a long-term basis.

Bottom Line

Thus, as you may notice, innovative product engineering services can bring your company to the next level by improving your business and boosting revenue streams. If you are looking for a product engineering services company, Yojji is the right choice. Our engineers have the necessary skills and knowledge either to enhance an existing software product or build a custom digital solution from scratch. Contact us to learn more about the product engineering services we offer and our rates.

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NL, Amsterdam

Ildar Kulmuhametov
CEO, Co-Founder

USA, Austin

Yevhen Piotrovskyi
CTO, Co-Founder