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Web development

Putting your business needs and objectives first, we use a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to create the most beneficial web solutions for you and your customers.

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Mobile development

With expertise in native and hybrid mobile development, we connect your business with people wherever they are in the world, regardless of what device they use.

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Keeping pace with the latest trends, our team offers a full range of UI/UX design services and creates effective design solutions for mobile and web applications.

Backend development services
Backend development

Our backend developers have vast expertise in a number of backend programming technologies and deliver efficient solutions with great attention to every piece of code.

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Quality assurance

Our QA experts make sure that there are no bugs in every software product we build. QA services are available as a part of the full package and as an independent offer.

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Cloud services

Our IT specialists have a deep background in working with numerous cloud services and deliver advanced cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes.


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Collaboration models
Custom product development

A professional team with the necessary experience and relevant expertise will focus on your custom product development. Yojji specialists will guide you through your journey, from idea validation and design to product launch and support. As professional and passionate as your in-house team, our software developers, designers, and QA specialists work together to provide you with a software product of the highest quality in the shortest time.

Dedicated Team

With this collaboration model, you get access to our blend of qualified specialists from various fields. Our backend and frontend developers, UX/UI designers, quality assurance specialists, and PMs will offer their expertise to help you reach the desired goals and obtain the product of the highest level. You don’t have to worry about minor objectives because all administrative tasks are on our side.

Staff augmentation

If you require additional skillful resources to cooperate with your in-house development team, our highly experienced professionals are ready to bring their skills to the table and fill certain skill gaps. By hiring our outstaffers, you not only reduce payroll and recruitment costs but also improve project implementation.


We develop software for a variety of platforms. Only well recognized and time-tested technologies to support any of your business goals.

Nest js

Nest JS



Vue js








Google Cloud

Google Cloud

All technologies
By choosing to cooperate with Yojji you
will get the following advantages:
1 FinTech, E-learning, and HealthCare

Our team has gained vast experience in developing cutting-edge software solutions for companies that operate in FinTech, E-learning, and HealthCare industries. Taking into account all the peculiarities of these niches, we can build a product that will streamline your business opportunities. Depending on what sphere you work within, we can assign developers who know your field in and out in order to deliver the best results.

2 Contract termination opportunity

We understand the client's necessity of being on the same page with a service vendor. Due to this, we offer an opportunity to terminate a contract in one day in case a client is not satisfied with the provided services. If there is anything you are not happy with, you can easily end the cooperation with Yojji during the first month of our partnership.

3 Flexible working hours

With years of experience working as an outsourced company, Yojji understands the need for flexibility when it comes to scheduling work hours. Whatever the time zone difference is, our team always does its best to work out the most convenient channels for communication and adjust to a client's schedule. For this purpose, we have experienced Project Managers and a variety of management tools.

4 Video resumes

We take every aspect of our job seriously. To give you a clearer picture of what skills, knowledge, and experience our team members have, we can provide a video resume of every employee. Moreover, you can request a personal interview with our developers and designers to find out more about them as professionals and as people.

5 Manpower supply

Some projects are hard to predict in terms of timeline and manpower required. Due to this, we provide clients with an opportunity to request another employee for any position in case a project needs more human resources. We guarantee that the right specialist(s) will be found within two weeks.


Vala enables direct execution of money transfers between money transfer businesses, minimizes the total costs of every transaction and generates new revenue streams.

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  • Mobile development Mobile development
  • QA QA
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Time Track System

Track your time with Time Machine. You will do it with pleasure, thanks to a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Weekly timesheets allow you to set the time-frames and add comments quickly and easily.

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  • QA QA
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Time Track System
Investment app
Investment app

Vala enables direct execution of money transfers between money transfer businesses, minimizes the total costs of every transaction and generates new revenue streams.

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Avenue is the first step toward powerful career conversations and a highly engaged, purpose-driven workforce

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  • QA QA
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The product they delivered was OUTSTANDING. It looks great, it works perfectly, it’s secure and they exceeded every expectation, at the right price point for our small but mighty team.

Lisa (McMillan) Ross avatar
Lisa (McMillan) Ross

Vica-president of Avenue

Working with off-shore teams is a challenging task, but Yevhen and his team were able to become an integral part of our R&D and processes and were a significant extension to our team.

Yoni Mazar avatar
Yoni Mazar

Director of Engineering at OwnBackup

The client considers Yojji a fully integrated part of their team. Their resources show a high level of skill, professionalism, and organization. They participate in daily meetings, are able to work independently, and can offer input on project scopes when asked.

Noam Nevo avatar
Noam Nevo

CEO & Founder at Osu

Our team

The success of a project relies on the technical skills and personal qualities of people who work on it. Meet the Yojji team - qualified professionals who are committed to what they do.

Meet our team
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LinkedinYevhen Piotrovskyi


LinkedinTimofey Lebedev


LinkedinInna Rybalka

Head Of Design department

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About Yojji Software
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Yojji is a result-oriented team of professional web developers who create custom-made products to help our clients benefit the most. Our services are aimed at those who are in search of highly professional cutting-edge IT solutions. If you need help with planning and developing applications from scratch, making improvements to existing ones, building top-notch web and mobile solutions and/or conducting their multi-stage testing, you can rely on our skilled experts.

We are keen on helping our clients enter the digital world quickly and easily by providing them with efficient services in the IT-sphere from the mobile application and website development to information technology consulting. With Yojji as your partner, you can achieve all of your strategic business objectives through the most innovative technologies and advanced solutions.

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