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Backend Development Services

Get a seamless product that meets market needs and offers an enjoyable UX. With extensive experience in diverse programming languages and the latest technologies, our highly qualified experts offer a variety of back-end services to different business verticals.

Our Approach

Yojji offers services of both cross-functional teams and individual backend engineers. Our experts are well-organized, goal-oriented, punctilious, and flexible in terms of technologies and approaches used. Our development process is based on the Agile approach, which involves conducting regular sprints, each of which is devoted to working on a specific component of the program. Using this approach allows us to analyze and evaluate the results of our work.

Services Provided by Yojji

Being the most effective solution for cross-platform development, React Native helps rapidly create robust scalable apps. We provide the entire range of React Native development services to clients that seek a reliable vendor to build high-performance mobile applications with big volumes of ever-changing data. React Native reduces the loading times to a minimum thus boosting the overall performance greatly. Our team makes the most out of React Native technology and guarantees the on-time delivery of an app you will love. Here's the list of React Native application development services we offer:

Mobile App Back-end Development

Our software engineers deliver high-quality mobile applications that are up-to-date with the recent trends and win your customers’ loyalty. Our team of backend experts creates a custom back-end solution quickly and with care to every code piece. By using only cutting-edge technologies and programming languages (JavaScript, Python), we dive deep into your app’s business logic and synchronize all data across multiple platforms. We make sure your application is reliable, secure, covers all needs of end-users, and can be seamlessly integrated with third-party services.

Back-end Application Development

We develop efficient and scalable back ends tailored to your business needs and that are called to solve certain issues. By utilizing the latest technologies, we build fault-tolerant web solutions for various enterprises that process large volumes of data. During back-end application development, our engineers create a robust back-end from scratch, optimize and refactor an app, and add new features that extend the functionality. Complex web apps we deliver offer high stability, security, and scalability.

Technical Back-end Audit

Accomplished professionals offer a thorough back-end audit both to startups and large enterprises to optimize an existing solution or move a system to a new environment. The technical back-end audit we conduct focuses on the identification of bottlenecks, refactoring the code, revamping the architecture, improving app optimization, and integration of various services. After the audit is finished, we round up detailed reports and give our recommendations on how to prevent possible risks and eliminate existing ones.

Cloud Back-End Solutions

We deliver innovative cloud-based solutions that help your system scale naturally with the best cloud platforms in the industry. Our experts have deep knowledge and extensive experience in developing cloud products for businesses of all sizes. The products we deliver are scalable, run smoothly under heavy workloads, and are highly efficient as they can handle big data.

Why we are different

Meticulous breakdown of the development process into coherent versions of the web system and accurate evaluation of each version of the product.
Regular on-site meetings with customers to thoroughly understand the business environment and provide web development services based on outlined requirements and expectations.
Proven release processes and web development services thanks to dozens of advanced projects accomplished over the years.
Straightforward communication, as we have regional representatives in the EU and the US.
Accurate optimization of development expenses in line with your budget.



Entities and relations diagram


Database design


Design endpoints and documentation


Implement API


Writing tests & Deployment

Frequently asked questions

If any of the questions haven’t been covered yet, in this section, you may probably find the answers.

How long does the web development process last?
The development time for a web application depends on the customer’s requirements, the complexity of the application, the number of required functions, and the testing process. Contact us, tell us about the goals of your business project, and we will provide you with information about the duration of the development process.
How much does it cost to make an application?
The cost of an application depends on its complexity, type, requirements, and feature set. Upon request, we will provide you with information on the approximate cost of development.
Why should I choose Yojji web development services?
We think big and work hard to deliver top-notch web solutions that help your business grow. Here is a brief explanation of why you should partner with Yojji if your ultimate goal is to get a highly functional and scalable web product.

  • - We are flexible and are always ready to tailor the entire process to your business requirements.
  • - We ensure that the product has high performance and is highly secure.
  • - We offer customized web development. Besides, we offer an option to pay only for those functions that you require so that you do not exceed your budget.
  • - Thanks to the Agile approach, we work as effectively as possible.
Do you need more information?
We are always open to discussion, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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