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Providing project management services, we are focused on utilizing up-to-date tools, leveraging the most effective project management methodologies, and adhering to a well-structured five-step project management process.
Why Yojji
Yojji is synonymous with first-class quality and reliability. The team of specialists has extensive experience in various verticals and is always ready to address any challenges of your business promptly.
Our team sees the complete picture of the final product before development begins, which makes the development timeline straightforward, and ensures quality, consistent, and predictable delivery.
When it comes to software development, Yojji leverages the iterative approach. Therefore, potential defects are identified and dealt with promptly, functional prototypes are built at the beginning of the project lifecycle, progress is measured easily, and unnecessary costs are prevented.
The entire team always maintains a systematic approach to quality, consistently acts following set priorities, as well as quickly innovates and solves potential issues.
We always work with an eye for the future, so the code will be easy to scale. Besides, if requirements change or the need for increased productivity arises, the company always provides additional specialists with the necessary expertise.
The cooperation of Yojji professionals with a client’s in-house team is always seamless. Our staff understands and finds common ground with people from different cultures and with diverse experiences.

Collaboration models

Custom development

Custom development

Our cutting-edge services add value to your company, help automate processes, and increase productivity and revenue. Besides, we partner with startups and bring their ideas to life.
QA testing
Dedicated team

Dedicated team

Yojji has a diverse pool of talents with deep technical expertise that focuses on the business’s goals and requirements. Our team provides high-quality deliverables on time and within budget.
The pool of the best talents
Fast start
Full-time dedication
Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation

If you require additional skillful resources to cooperate with your in-house development team, our highly experienced professionals are ready to bring their skills to the table and fill certain skill gaps.
The pool of the best talents
Fast start
Full-time dedication

Latest projects

  • Payment system for entrepreneurs from scratch

    Web development • Mobile development • UI/UX

    Osu is a payment system for entrepreneurs that simplifies settlements between service providers and customers and allows merchants to effortlessly create and manage payment requests.

    Noam Nevo, Co-founder of OSU

    The client considers Yojji a fully integrated part of their team. Their resources show a high level of skill, professionalism, and organization. They participate in daily meetings, are able to work in...

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  • Smart Health

    Web development

    A powerful software solution offers hospitals and medical centers versatile functionality to conduct timely remote health consultations and online surveys of the population on the Covid-19 pandemic issues. The app keeps users informed about the ways of preventing the illness.

  • Investment application

    Mobile development • UI/UX

    A feature-rich financial mobile application offers a wide array of investment opportunities for parents who want to provide capital for the future of their children. The app serves as an innovative fintech platform that is packed with advanced banking functionality.

  • Cross countries payroll solution for SMB

    Web development • Product Design • UX analysis

    Payroll is a cloud-based solution for small, mid-sized, and large companies to manage payroll around the world. This system allows direct money transfers between counterparties, provides an opportunity to manage payment cycles and interact with payees.

  • Social Network App

    Web development • Mobile development

    The client-company is an exclusive network for high-net-worth individuals. With hundreds of active users, this network is a win-win option for high-level managers, successful entrepreneurs, and investors. The company aims at establishing and maintaining business contacts, exchanging experiences, and sharing valuable insights. Meetings are held regularly to discuss both business and family issues. The insights gained from regular monthly meetings are invaluable to everyone involved.

  • Workforce Management Solution

    Web development • QA

    Avenue is the first step toward powerful career conversations and a highly engaged, purpose-driven workforce.

    Lisa Ross, VP of Experience & Tech, Avenue
    5.0full starfull starfull starfull starfull star

    Yojji has delivered an accessible product with thorough consideration for the client's requirements. Users have commented on the platform's user-friendliness and speed. Moreover, the team is easy to c...

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  • Worldwide remittance SaaS platform

    Web development • UI/UX • Mobile development • QA

    Vala enables direct execution of money transfers between money transfer businesses, minimizes the total costs of every transaction and generates new revenue streams.

    Alon Zion, Former Co-Founder
    4.9full starfull starfull starfull starfull half

    Yojji was an instrumental part of the client’s team, working closely with them to achieve the product’s success. The team was very collaborative and timely, and their performance was amazing. Addition...

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  • Time Track System

    Web development • QA • UI/UX

    The Time Machine app helps to track and manage the time spent on work tasks. Weekly timesheets allow you to set the time-frames and add comments quickly and easily. Being feature-rich and user-friendly, the app has an intuitive easy-to-use interface.

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Frequently asked questions

If any of the questions haven’t been covered yet, in this section, you may probably find the answers.

What are the main project management tools?
Project management tools are crucial tools that assist managers on a technical level and increase project productivity. Their choice is highly dependent on the size of the project, the amount of money available, and other essential considerations. The most effective tools for successful project managers include dashboards, Gantt graphs, project planning, resource allocation, timekeeping and tracking, problem tracking, and reporting on projects.
What are the main types of project management services?

Due to the sheer volume of resources involved, IT projects are frequently challenging to manage. Yojji may help with IT project development by providing technical knowledge and management, requirements gathering, third-party testing, and implementation assistance.

Project Management Offices (PMOs) and Enterprise Project Management Offices (EPMOs) are important functions inside firms. Yojji provides PMO and EPMO setup services that adhere to industry best practices in order to assist your company in maintaining long-term growth.

Development of a Project Management Methodology (PMM). PMMs enable businesses to increase repeatability and consistency by establishing expectations and process standards. Yojji assists companies in creating their own project management methodologies (PMMs) in order to generate a shared knowledge of the project lifecycle and clearly identify duties and tasks within an organization.

Employees are the backbone of your company’s Project Management success, thus their knowledge and talents are critical for moving forward. Yojji assists organizations in their efforts to flourish by developing and conducting Project Management consulting and training.

What are the 5 phases of the project management process?

This process can be divided into five major phases.

  • Initiating
    This phase allows individuals to formulate ideas about the project and determine whether or not it will succeed. To do this, project managers should create a project charter outlining the project's purpose, scope, budget, timeframe, potential hazards, and who should be engaged.

  • Planning
    During this stage, project managers will create a detailed plan for launching, running, and finishing the project. The technical sketch will describe the project, its cost, and the date it will be completed. Other crucial tasks include developing ways to improve communication among stakeholders and keep them interested in the project at all times, listing the materials and resources required to create applications or software programs, and recommendations for after-sales maintenance and enhancement.

  • Executing
    When it comes to the third stage, project managers must utilize their expertise as well as a set of soft skills to assign and supervise their team members’ work. Managers must ensure that everyone on the project communicates well in order to avoid misconceptions that might derail the project. A well-organized manager will endeavor to handle any difficulties that arise during the process and maintain strong connections with everyone in order to keep everyone focused on the team’s goals and ensure the project reaches its timeline and budget.

  • Control and monitoring
    Measuring and assessing work ensure that everything is on track. Regularly, project managers will provide written and verbal updates, as well as gather data and do quantitative analysis to determine how successfully various components of the project are being completed.

  • Closing
    All contracts with other outside parties will be terminated and payments issued in accordance with these agreements after the final deliverables are agreed upon by all stakeholders and meet quality requirements. The final report will be given, and all other papers will be archived for future use.
What project management skills are required in a project manager?
A highly qualified and experienced project manager is required for any project. Since the project manager is nearly entirely responsible for the project’s success, an individual must have excellent communication skills, industry expertise, resourcefulness, organizational abilities, and a strong dose of personal enthusiasm and charm.
What are the main project management methodologies?

There are several core project management methodologies.

  • Typical Project Management
    The conventional project management strategy is focused on consecutive steps. It is called to manage tasks with a definite need, deadline, and budget.

  • Critical Chain Project Management
    By structuring the project to deal with uncertainties, critical chain project management (CCPM) provides for physical and human resource constraints. To prioritize the longest series of assignments with resource limits, a critical route of steps is identified. The critical chain refers to limited resources. The project plan may go through resource leveling, which is the process of addressing time conflicts between people and machines. Because certain tasks may be delayed due to disputes, others must be cut in order for the project to be finished by the deadline.

  • Extreme Project Management
    This methodology is intended for projects with high risks and short deadlines due to rapid change and uncertainty. Requirements might shift quickly. Since a leader can assist navigate a quickly changing environment, the main idea of extreme project management is leadership.

  • Agile Project Management
    This is a relatively recent style of project management that is commonly employed in software development. The emphasis is on a united team of software engineers, managers, quality assurance, and clients. For this method’s top performance, open communication is critical.

  • Event-Chain Methodology
    This approach may be used by project managers to assess if a chain of events could be initiated by a certain activity and plan to avoid or complete that procedure.
What is the cost of project management services?
Project management typically accounts for 2% to 5% of overall project costs. To learn more about a precise cost, please contact our managers.

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